P.S. I Love You

CLAD+J came home yesterday!!  Jenn and I arrived at their house about an hour before they came home to open the windows and let some air into the house.  When I walked in through the garage I was greeted with the odor of gas.  I figured it was just because the house had been locked up.  Well, that and the fact that I often hallucinate the odor of gas.  Once I finished opening a few windows I opened the front door.  There, taped to the front, was a note from our local gas company…there was a leak, your gas has been shut off, please contact us to shut on (inside joke) the gas.

I hollered to Jenn to come inside (she had been sweeping the driveway, which was pointless since it was so darn windy).  She came in the house and said “I smell gas.”  I handed her the note.  Poor Jenn started freaking out that she had run something over with the lawn mower!

I called the company and they said they would send someone out.  I made sure that they were coming that day.  It is really quite fall here and I didn’t want the girls to freeze on their first night back from Florida!

I spent the 45  minutes pacing between the kitchen and the front door waiting for the CLADmobile to pull up.  Jenn forced me to sit down and read a bit of the paper to help pass time.  I had no sooner sat down when there was a knock on the door.  It was the gas man.  He explained the problem and walked around the house with this cool little tool testing for gas.  He passed a picture hanging on the wall and asked us if the guy in the picture was a realative..well no, he owns the house.  Gas Man knows Chris!!  It’s a small world after all…

A few moments later Chris came banging through the front door “What did you do to my house?”  I suppose it would be kinda odd to come home from a two week vacation to see the gas van parked in your driveway!

I went running out the front door with Jenn close on my heels (she had to give Chris the quick gas story first.)  Joni was already out of the van so I ran to her first.  I then waited for Lyz and the girls to exit.  When Avery got out I squat down and scooped her up.  I said into her ear “I missed you so much” and she gave me an extra hard squeeze and said “I missed you so much too Heidi!!”  I gave her one more squeeze and she ran off to hug Jenn.

Then I stole Delaney from Lyz’s arms.  She looked at me a little weird at first and then gave me the biggest smile and blew me the bestest messiest raspberry ever!

When we got inside  I got my Lyz hug and asked Avery “Well???  Tell me all about it!”  It was so cute to listen to her.  Her brain was going too fast for her little mouth!  Lyz got out the autograph books and Avery went through each page telling me about each Disney character!  Oh my, I had missed her so much.

We visited for a bit and watched some of their video from the trip.  Chris went up to go take a nap since he had to work the overnight shift.  We noticed that Lyz and the girls were starting to droop.  Hey, they were up at 4am to be able to catch their plane!  So we left them to get some rest and get settled in.

I am so glad they are home.  The best hugs I had ever had!  I feel complete again!

So…back to the title.  A few weeks ago, Lyz had texted me that she was watching a movie and was only 20 minutes into it and had cried six times.  I asked what movie and then set Tivo up to record it for us.  I’m not even halfway through the movie.  I’ve started and stopped watching it three or four times.  It is delightfully funny, but oh my goodness!  I can’t stop myself from crying!  It may replace Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes as my go to movies when I need a good cry!


2 thoughts on “P.S. I Love You

  1. hooray for CLADs return and some avery/delaney lovin’!! 🙂

    how sweet of you and jenn to go over in advance of their arrival and get the home ready (and to deal with the annoyance of the gas leak).

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