Ketchup Post #2- Heidi vs. The Dryer

When I moved in, it was decided that anything that went wrong, would instantly become my fault. Things that broke before I moved in, well, that was Heidi’s fault. Windows that were shattering when nothing was anywhere near them, Heidi did it.

Then there was the washer and dryer. They would both randomly stop working. My fault. Obviously. Usually the fixes were easy-peasey. Then the washer really died. So, out we went to purchase a new one. Once Chris installed the new one, we realized there was another problem…it rattled so bad that the entire house shook. It danced itself right off of the platform it sits on. Lyz would sit on it during the spin cycle to keep it from trying to escape.

Chris was angry at it. And since everything that goes wrong is my fault, I called up Lowes to see what we could do about the mutant washer. The first phone call lead to them saying someone would be out the next day. We had to cancel that appointment due to something coming up. So I call again. The woman then asks me “Did you remove the shipping bolts?” What is a shipping bolt? Chris, did you remove the shipping bolts? What’s a shipping bolt? I’m betting we didn’t remove the shipping bolts. The washer had been in the house for more than a month…shaking and causing earthquakes. In less than two minutes, and a little bit of manpower, two shipping bolts were removed, and the washer was calm and boring.

The dryer…I can now reattach a dryer belt in less than two minutes. Or, less than five if Beckett is assisting. The error message pops up (usually because someone-not naming names-spins the drum the wrong way) and my name is called. Grab a chair, pull the dryer out and onto the chair. Pop the back open, shove my arm in the tiny hole and bammm…done.

A few weeks ago a new error message popped up. This one took some googling. It seems the thermister (don’t ask me what that means or what it does, that is not important here) was malfunctioning. I watched a couple of youtube videos and reassured myself this is something I can do, and ordered the new part. We limped through for about a week, just walking by and resetting the dryer each time it popped up that error code. We learned that certain dryer settings let it dry for longer than others before the error code popped up.

But on Tuesday, the error would pop up within 30 seconds of you hitting start. Guess that means I need to actually replace the part now. I grabbed my phone, uploaded the youtube video, grabbed a crissycrossy screwdriver (Hey, I can fix things, there is no need for me to learn the actual words for any of the tools), and attacked the dryer. I got two seconds into the project before I screamed for Avery—I had her climb in behind it to unplug…no need in electrocuting myself.

I took the back off. I took the top off. I called again for Avery when I took off the front. I needed someone to hold it in place while I took the last screw out, or it was going to crash.

The little piece with the red and blue wires going into it is what needed replaced. Total cost: $6.89 and one hour of my time.


Once I got everything back together (using my careful diagram of screws that I had created and put Delaney on guard over so that Beckett wouldn’t ruin my organizational skillz)

I dried a load of laundry without ever hitting reset. It was amazing.


Ketchup Post #1-4th of July

Times change. Traditions Change. If you know me, you know I hate change. But even I agree that sometimes, you have to change things up, as to not get stuck in a bad place. So…our 4th of July changed.

Joni, Lyz, Avery, Delaney, Beckett and I all stuffed ourselves into the car and off we went to…


We all have season passes to both Hershey and Dutch Wonderland so that we can flit in and out as we so choose. What a perfect day for us all to go together!


We started the day at the Boardwalk.


But it was kinda chilly…so we moved on to the rest of the park after only a few hours.

We also learned that Beckett is not like his sisters. Avery and Delaney have no fear. None. They want to do all the things. They know how to stand in their shoes to make them just tall enough for the next ride up. They flipped and flopped in the wave pool. They did their best to push me under all of the water spouts in the lazy river. They wanted to do allll the big water slides.

Beckett…well…he tolerated the lazy river. Mostly because he was on Lyz’s lap and not really touching the water. The wave pool…I will have scars on my shoulders from him digging his nails into me while I tried (and failed) to prove to him that the water was not going to hurt him and that I would keep him protected from the big waves.

Then it came time for him to ride real rides. By real rides I mean the super kiddie rides that Avery isn’t even allowed to ride anymore because she is too big. This is also how I proved that there is no real blood relation between me and Beckett. The carousel? It is my favorite ride in the entire world. Beckett seemed to like it too…


Until it started moving


We had a blast all day. Taking turns with partners for each ride. Taking turns hanging out with Beckett or Delaney and Beckett, depending on the ride. Eating lunch and dinner. Feeding the ducks and fishes (One of the few things Beckett REALLY liked doing) Seeing how many drinks we could drink (we get refillable cups at the beginning of each season!)

A few pictures…
Can you find Lyz and Avery?

Then it was time to head out to the car to watch the fireworks. They set them off across the street from the parking lot. Beckett did amazing all day long. Because he is SO BIG, we often forget that he is less than two years old. He was a trooper, skipping his nap, and just being fun all day. He lasted until we stopped his stroller right in front of the car…
He was toast. I managed to get Mr. Light Sleeper from the stroller, to his car seat, without waking him. And he slept through the entire fireworks display.

The girls climbed on top of the car to watch, while the rest of us sat on the curb.



It was a truley amazing day. I am blessed to have this wonderful people in my life!

Random June 2014 Photos

The day Avery dared herself to try raw zucchini pancake batter
The day we pretended a dunk tank was really a pool
The day one slushie wasn’t enough
The day they didn’t think I needed a nap
The day Riley thought I would feed her if she sat in the high chair
The day we put a little too much soap in the washer
The day she got her first first place ribbon
The day we found out how yummy these are
The day he started making this face
The day the boy stole my chair
The day softball felt very long
The day Delaney was too lazy to move her cup
The day I woke up on a trampoline with Avery’s foot on my butt
The day Beckett threw Avery’s flip flop into a decorative creek
The day we built a spider house
The day I bought an air conditioner and carried it and installed it ALL BY MYSELF
The day he pulled all the phones off their cords setting off really loud alarms
The day we celebrated Lyz’s birthday
The day we discovered that making lots of pancakes for dinner is AWESOME
The day we busted out the Jake pool
The night that I thought they were just too cute and I had to take a picture of them

Still the “cool” aunt

When I moved in with CLAD, poor Avery had a rude awakening. She was used to sleepovers…special nights where normal rules are tossed out the window. Staying up late was the norm. Crazy meals, you know, dessert for breakfast, ice cream for dinner. Making crazy messes that don’t need cleaned up.

But…when your aunt moves in with you…..things have to be different. You can’t have cherry pie for breakfast every morning. You have to clean up after yourself as you go. You have to go to bed (most nights) at your actual bedtime.

It has been hard finding that balance. Babysitting the kids sometimes gets them some “normal” aunt time, but there is a lot of babysitting with mommy now having a job outside the house, so even that time has been clouded over by real life.

So tonight, after the girls were forced to find their bedroom floor, I started yelling at them to go downstairs. No changing of clothes. Straight to the car. Aunt Heidi didn’t change her clothes either. Floral pj pants and a shirt from my past life meaning about five sizes too big) were worn. I did put shoes on (which Avery claimed was unfair, but I was driving!).

They had lots of guesses as to where we were headed. Beckett even chimed in with a few giggly screams as his guesses!

I took them to Dairy Queen. Let them pick whatever they wanted. Beckett kinda answered bamina which we decided meant vanilla, so he got a vanilla milkshake. Avery got a piña colada julius, Delaney got vanilla soft serve with sprinkles, whipped cream and cherries, and I got a triple berry julius.

And, Lyz got 15 minutes of peace and quiet while she heals from the worst uti her doctor has ever seen.



The other day I was standing in front of the hotel chatting with jennLynn before she left work and a woman walked past us to go check in. I turned to JennLynn and said:

Why am I afraid to wear certain clothes? That woman is larger than me but is able to pull that outfit off perfectly. The one difference is confidence.

And I decided to go get me some.

Yes, my arms are flabby. Yes, I have this strange belly thing going on because of my weightloss, it just hangs there all ugly. Yes, part of my neck is hidden by a large second chin. So? I’m still beautiful.

My eyes are bright. They may not be the same shade of blue they once were (I have a theory on why, but I will share that another day) but they are large and bright. Add a little eyeliner and they become brighter and sort of mysterious.

My smile is typically front and center. I’ve never really been a smiler. My teeth are a little crooked, and my smoking and tea addictions have yellowed them a bit, but I still smile. To the point that I actually have smile wrinkles.

I like my freckles. I even like the little mole on my nose. I like the shape of my eyebrows (when I’m making time to get them waxed regularly).

I’ve found that super dark hair suits me. I remember telling Lyz last year that I wanted to dye my hair black. She was a little nervous. I went halfway instead and dyed it black cherry. It was awesome. A few nights ago I dyed it a blue black color. Lyz and I agree that it’s the best color I’ve ever had.

I have some rocking cleavage. And I’m not afraid to show that off at all. It distracts from the lumps and bumps I shouldn’t have.

Twice this week I have left the comfort of my home in tops that have no sleeves. I’m not sure what to call them…glorified tube tops? Tops that don’t cover my shoulders at all. All that was on my shoulders was my bra straps. And you know what? Me and my confidence…we rocked that shit.

My one friend Kerry took one look at me, a huge smile burst onto her face, and she said “Heidi, you look amazing!”

Last night we went to Skyler’s graduation party. I rocked the same look, different shirt (bought two of them). Elissa’s mom told me she’s never seen me look so comfortable in my own skin. That means a lot seeing as there was a time when Elissa’s mom really didn’t acknowledge my existence.

Confidence ladies. Be proud of who you are right now. Yes, you can work towards losing a little weight, or finding the perfect hair color or cut. But right now, in this moment, love you and your body for who you are. Enjoy yourself every day.

You won’t see me in a bikini anytime soon, but expect to see a lot ore off and my friend confidence!!