October 15. I remember. Always.

Today I am lighting my candle for and remembering:

Blue, Honeydew, 4 more angels, the 3 Landis Angels, Georgie, Gabriel, ALL of the August 2006 Angels, Sean Jr. and his sister, Olivia, Max, Asiah, Dane, Madeline, Rayne, Skylar, JJ, Wallaby, Sprout, Pearl, Agatha, Peter, Augustine, Jude, Roar, Snuffy, Turtle, 3 Flowers, Brendan, Haloumi, Laura’s Two Angels, Baby A, Stella, Liam, Beatrix, Biskit, Muffin, the quiet angel, Butter Bean, Lennox, Ethan, Parker, Amber Lynn, Sarah, Wyatt, Olivia, Peanut, Marina, Ty and Noah, and so many more.

Throughout the day I will be reading these names and holding each baby, and their parents, close to my heart. I will think of all of our children, gone too soon, but never forgotten.


If your child is not on my list, please contact me and I will make sure they are added.


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