Ketchup Post #2- Heidi vs. The Dryer

When I moved in, it was decided that anything that went wrong, would instantly become my fault. Things that broke before I moved in, well, that was Heidi’s fault. Windows that were shattering when nothing was anywhere near them, Heidi did it.

Then there was the washer and dryer. They would both randomly stop working. My fault. Obviously. Usually the fixes were easy-peasey. Then the washer really died. So, out we went to purchase a new one. Once Chris installed the new one, we realized there was another problem…it rattled so bad that the entire house shook. It danced itself right off of the platform it sits on. Lyz would sit on it during the spin cycle to keep it from trying to escape.

Chris was angry at it. And since everything that goes wrong is my fault, I called up Lowes to see what we could do about the mutant washer. The first phone call lead to them saying someone would be out the next day. We had to cancel that appointment due to something coming up. So I call again. The woman then asks me “Did you remove the shipping bolts?” What is a shipping bolt? Chris, did you remove the shipping bolts? What’s a shipping bolt? I’m betting we didn’t remove the shipping bolts. The washer had been in the house for more than a month…shaking and causing earthquakes. In less than two minutes, and a little bit of manpower, two shipping bolts were removed, and the washer was calm and boring.

The dryer…I can now reattach a dryer belt in less than two minutes. Or, less than five if Beckett is assisting. The error message pops up (usually because someone-not naming names-spins the drum the wrong way) and my name is called. Grab a chair, pull the dryer out and onto the chair. Pop the back open, shove my arm in the tiny hole and bammm…done.

A few weeks ago a new error message popped up. This one took some googling. It seems the thermister (don’t ask me what that means or what it does, that is not important here) was malfunctioning. I watched a couple of youtube videos and reassured myself this is something I can do, and ordered the new part. We limped through for about a week, just walking by and resetting the dryer each time it popped up that error code. We learned that certain dryer settings let it dry for longer than others before the error code popped up.

But on Tuesday, the error would pop up within 30 seconds of you hitting start. Guess that means I need to actually replace the part now. I grabbed my phone, uploaded the youtube video, grabbed a crissycrossy screwdriver (Hey, I can fix things, there is no need for me to learn the actual words for any of the tools), and attacked the dryer. I got two seconds into the project before I screamed for Avery—I had her climb in behind it to unplug…no need in electrocuting myself.

I took the back off. I took the top off. I called again for Avery when I took off the front. I needed someone to hold it in place while I took the last screw out, or it was going to crash.

The little piece with the red and blue wires going into it is what needed replaced. Total cost: $6.89 and one hour of my time.


Once I got everything back together (using my careful diagram of screws that I had created and put Delaney on guard over so that Beckett wouldn’t ruin my organizational skillz)

I dried a load of laundry without ever hitting reset. It was amazing.


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