Still the “cool” aunt

When I moved in with CLAD, poor Avery had a rude awakening. She was used to sleepovers…special nights where normal rules are tossed out the window. Staying up late was the norm. Crazy meals, you know, dessert for breakfast, ice cream for dinner. Making crazy messes that don’t need cleaned up.

But…when your aunt moves in with you…..things have to be different. You can’t have cherry pie for breakfast every morning. You have to clean up after yourself as you go. You have to go to bed (most nights) at your actual bedtime.

It has been hard finding that balance. Babysitting the kids sometimes gets them some “normal” aunt time, but there is a lot of babysitting with mommy now having a job outside the house, so even that time has been clouded over by real life.

So tonight, after the girls were forced to find their bedroom floor, I started yelling at them to go downstairs. No changing of clothes. Straight to the car. Aunt Heidi didn’t change her clothes either. Floral pj pants and a shirt from my past life meaning about five sizes too big) were worn. I did put shoes on (which Avery claimed was unfair, but I was driving!).

They had lots of guesses as to where we were headed. Beckett even chimed in with a few giggly screams as his guesses!

I took them to Dairy Queen. Let them pick whatever they wanted. Beckett kinda answered bamina which we decided meant vanilla, so he got a vanilla milkshake. Avery got a piña colada julius, Delaney got vanilla soft serve with sprinkles, whipped cream and cherries, and I got a triple berry julius.

And, Lyz got 15 minutes of peace and quiet while she heals from the worst uti her doctor has ever seen.



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