I love my Avery

I was the lucky one who got to take Avery to dance class the night she picked up her costume. This involves trying it on and making sure everything fits properly. You may remember this from my April Random photos, because as part of Avery’s costume, she got fingerless gloves and I decided I wanted them.


I told her that. Hey, Avery, as soon as you are done with your dance recital, those gloves are mine. I need them. I must have them.


Fine, I’ll just steal them from you!! Mwahhhhh haaaa haaa!!!!!!!

Fast forward to Friday night, after the dance recital. I was the last one home, had an errand to run. As I walked past the girls’ bedroom, I peeked in to tell them again how awesome they were and how much I loved watching them and how I am the world’s proudest aunt!

Avery-Go in your room.
Me-What?? That’s mean.
Avery-No, go in your room.
Avery-DELANEY! Don’t tell her!!!

I opened my door, and there on my bed…

To say I got a little emotional would be an understatement. I went back to the girls’ room and hugged Avery (while wearing the gloves of course). A month and a half later, Avery remembered how much I loved the gloves, and gave them to me.

She rocks. Soooooo much.

Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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