Avery’s First Softball Tournament

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!
One little lonely cloud in the sky:

Avery, of course, ROCKED! So did Lyz, who coaches!

The children who didn’t play had a blast too!
And then they got bored and took a nap

Between games, there were duck faces:
Beckett played with his girlfriends:
I worked on trying to get a suntan that looked giraffe-ish (which really means I burnt to a crisp with no cool marks. Even with 75 spf applied multiple times)

Championship game (You can see I finally got smart and moved to the shade of a tree):

Results… (I waited 18 hours to find out how it ended. I had to be at work and Avery made me promise to avoid Facebook or anyone who would tell me if they won or not. She wanted to tell me in person!)
The Hempfield Gray Lady Knights WON!!!!!!!!! First ever 8U softball tournament in our area and our girls KICKED BOOTY!!

Congrats, Ladies!! Can’t wait to watch the rest of the season!


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