2014 Dance Recital!!!!

Pictures and Videos. By this time we were all exhausted. In four days we had: two swim practices, two softball games, group dance rehearsal, dress dance rehearsal, Delaney’s graduation, Avery’s school picnic, Delaney’s school picnic, and finally, the recital. This week is HELL every year. But totally worth it.

Driving to the recital, singing in the car to “Talk Dirty to Me”.
(Well, Delaney is bored of the song, so she wasn’t singing. Beckett just LALALA’s along)

I took these two videos on dress rehearsal night, that is why there are people standing near the stage.
Delaney (She’s fifth from the left)

Avery (She starts basically front and center, she has no shoes on. Blame me. But remember this is rehearsal, she did wear shoes for the actual recital.)

This video I took on the actual recital night. This is the grand finale!! We told them they had to try and get to the front. They managed to get to the front, right in the center, AND TOGETHER!!!

These two amaze me. I love them. Sooooo much.


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