Delaney’s Preschool Graduation

“Please, none of you cry and embarrass me,” she said.

Yeah. Right.

I was crying by the time the third picture was taken…
Driving there…
(Okay, not driving, sitting in the car when we got there…I swear she was in her car seat when the car was moving)
Getting ready to go inside.
“Delaney, go stand next to that sign, I want a picture!”
“Seriously, Heidi. Do you have to take pictures of me in front of everything?”
And…cue the tears…
They play Pomp and Circumstance. It slays me.

We told her to smile (we were front row, of course) and she whispered “No, this is supposed to be serious!!”
Singing our favorite preschool song (I swear I have a video of Avery singing this at her graduation, but I can’t find it!)

Congratulations on your graduation, Delaney! I know you want kindergarten to start tomorrow, but let’s have an awesome summer first!!


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