I’m so old

The very first time I came to Pennsylvania, I met my ex-wife’s best friend, and her nine month old son.

I got his graduation announcement in the mail.

How does that happen?

Yesterday was realllllly busy. One of those days where time is at a severe shortage, and there are traffic jams EVERYWHERE. It was stressful and anxiety causing.

And do you know what else it was?

Simply awesome.

The girls were amazingly helpful as I flew through the house getting everything ready for their dress rehearsal (Lyz was stuck in one of the many traffic jams happening in the county). The four of us (BAD and I) had an awesome time singing along to the Frozen soundtrack while we were stuck in our own traffic. We did four hours at dress rehearsal where we had so much fun laughing and giggling and breaking rules.

I also drove the kids home, because Lyz had the jeep, and well, the jeep and three kids just doesn’t work. On the way home Delaney was making all the shapes she could with her fingers. She was also a smidge cranky, so I was trying to make her laugh. We somehow ended up inventing a new game and were laughing so hard I almost had to pull over.

I also managed to get some deck time with my besty.

Yes. There are times when my facade starts to crack and I worry that I’m going to start sinking again. But somewhere along the way, I’ve learned how to swim. I see all of the positive things. I feel the love from those around me.


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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