Memorial Day

I will start by thank all of the men and women who have risked their lives or given their loves so that I can be free. I’m even more thankful this year.

When you work in a hotel, you become a slave to holidays. So, I worked.

Since it was just Lyz, Beckett and I, we didn’t make any plans for grilling out, or going out. We did meet up for a late lunch when I got off of work, and then did some shoe shopping.

We believe that this summer will be the summer of outside. Beckett is NOT impressed with having to be inside when the weather outside is so darn beautiful!! So when we got home, clothes were changed, sunscreen was applied, iced tea was poured, and butts and kindles were drug outside.

My favorite nephew also brought out a bag of frosted animal crackers and hopped up on my lap to snack.


He also picked some flowers


And as it got closer to bedtime, just chilled.


Like I said, we made no plans to grill. But……all of the neighbors were. The smells of burgers and dogs on grills was overwhelming. So, Lyz and I threw together the quickest Memorial Day dinner ever. We had potato salad on hand, thanks to a coupon from my favorite deli. We quickly threw together some deviled eggs, hot dogs, and baked beans. Twenty minutes later, Chris arrived home from his softball tournament to a delicious dinner.

We cleaned up. Beckett took a sink bath. Chris got the honors of taking him to bed. I washed all the animal cracker frosting off my legs. The girls arrived home from an exciting day at HersheyPark. And went straight to bed (where they watched Once Upon A Time for an hour and a half until they were caught.) Lyz and I had an awesome back deck conversation where we translated dinosaur to whale. President Obama appeared on the wall (the leaves and moon caused a very cool shadow, sadly, I couldn’t take a good picture of it). And the adults then went to bed.

The next two weeks are going to be insanely busy. It’s dance recital week, so there are all types of rehearsals. There are softball games and swim practices. There are end if school year picnics, and hardly any staff at the hotel. Delaney will graduate from preschool. So spending this evening relaxing in the backyard was just what we needed to get ready.

Expect a lot of adorable pictures in the coming days!!


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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