Sleeping Beauty

The very first Disney movie I remember seeing was Sleeping Beauty. I was about four or five. A friend of my mom’s wanted to go see it in the theater (a replay, I’m not that old) so she borrowed me. (I went on to babysit her children as I grew older <3)

I was instantly hooked on becoming a princess. The girly side of me was fully formed that day.

Sleeping Beauty has always beens favorite Disney movie. Yes, I have deep, mad love for Frozen, but I just can't replace my first love. I wanted "Once Upon A Dream" to be the first song me and my wife danced to at our wedding. I had decided that years before I met her. She ended up winning that battle, and I don't regret that, because maybe I will get remarried someday and I will get to use that song! Maybe my next wife has love for Aurora.

I also am in love with Maleficent. I tried to convince my ex-wife that we should name our future daughter that. I almost had her agreeing at one point too, but her nickname would then be Millie. Millie Milley just wouldn't work.

The new Maleficent movie comes out this week. Avery is simply DYING to see it with me. I'm really considering taking her. After all, an adult took me to see Sleeping Beauty because she loved it so much, it would really make it all come full circle. It won't be for a week or two though as we have a crap ton of stuff going on, but I will see it in the theater. Even if I have to go alone. That should show you how badly I MUST SEE THIS MOVIE.

I don't love Angelina Jolie, but I cannot think of a better actress to play the role. She is going to be amazing. I love listening to Lana Del Rey sing "Once Upon A Dream". Beckett and I danced to it before I put him to bed last night.

I'm soooooooo excited.


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