October 15th. I remember.

Today I am lighting my candle for and remembering:

Blue, Honeydew, 4 more angels, the 3 Landis Angels, Georgie, Gabriel, ALL of the August 2006 Angels, Max, Asiah, Dane, Madeline, Rayne, Skylar, JJ, Wallaby, Sprout, Pearl, Agatha, Peter, Augustine, Jude, Roar, Snuffy, Turtle, 3 Flowers, Brendan, Haloumi, Laura’s Two Angels, Baby A, Stella, Liam, Beatrix, Biskit, Muffin, the quiet angel, Butter Bean, Lennox, Ethan, Parker, Amber Lynn, Sarah, Wyatt, Olivia, Peanut, Marina and so many more.

Throughout the day I will hold each name close to my heart. I will hold each child’s family close to my heart. Each year I am amazed by how many people come forward and share with the the name of a child that is missing from their life. Please let me know if your child is not named on this list so that I can add them and carry you in my heart too.

I will always remember. I shall never forget.


3 thoughts on “October 15th. I remember.

  1. On 07-02-2013, our first child was lost through miscarriage. I will forever remember the joy I felt in finding out I was pregnant. I pray everyday that joy will surpass the pain. On this day, I remember you as I keep you in my heart forever my little “peanut” and my beloved niece, Marina– With love, Momma/Auntie

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