October 15th is coming

If you want your child to be added to the list of children I spend the day thinking about, please let me know. The following is who I already have.

Blue, Honeydew, 3 more angels, the 3 Landis Angels, Georgie, Gabriel, ALL of the August 2006 Angels, Max, Asiah, Dane, Madeline, Rayne, Skylar, JJ, Wallaby, Sprout, Pearl, Agatha, Peter, Augustine, Jude, Roar, Snuffy, Turtle, 3 Flowers, Brendan, Haloumi, Laura’s Two Angels, Baby A, Stella, Liam, Beatrix, Biskit, the quiet angel, Butter Bean, Lennox, Ethan, Parker.

Yes, this is an unprotected post. The post that I post on October 15 will be unprotected also.


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