Do you have a minute?

Lyz’s niece, Gwen, has cystic fibrosis and diabetes.  She’s currently in the hospital, for quite a bit, until they get some things cleared up.  Her mom’s latest update:

An update on Gwen~ her lung function is down, sinuses have a flair up, sugars are out of whack, and she developed a rash on her arms and legs. She has been put on 3 iv antibiotics which have taken a toll on her veins. A picc line will be placed this morning and she is scheduled for port-a-cath replacement on Tues. Please keep her in your prayers!

If you have a minute or two to spare, would you send her a card?  This card is easy to send, no pens or paper or stamps, just fill out a form, say hi, and click send!

Her building is 8S-17 and her name is Gwendolyn Curtis.

Click here to send a card.

If you want to spread the word to others too, that would be great!!

Thank you so so much.  Some of you know that cystic fibrosis has touched my life in other ways, sending this simple little card means the world to me, and Lyz, and most of all, Gwen.


3 thoughts on “Do you have a minute?

  1. I just sent mine! how old is Gwen? I wasn’t sure what age I was writing to, so I kept it pretty simple. So great of you to share!

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