Let me share a status with y’all that was posted on Facebook this morning:

OH…….MY GOODNESS……….Comming into the city from Dauphin, the river is just covered with ice and that’s headed directly down river to City Island….We have the ice breaking equipment on stand by! Remember brave plungers….nothing like a good “Jumpstart of your heart” for the wonderful athletes of Special Olympics!
Did you read that???? ICE IS ON THE RIVER.  Holy Moley.
Moral of the story is, I currently do not have enough donations to do the plunge…can you help???  You don’t have to donate much at all, every dollar will help me help the Special Olympics of PA!!
This year I will be joined, not only by Addictive Expressions (my tattoo parlor) but Lyz, Sarah and Gina!!!!  We are all very excited!!!!  Yes, I will post pictures, Chris isn’t doing the jump because he needs to be our personal photographer.  (Great excuse there, Chris).

Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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