Happy Mothers’ Day!!

I spent all week trying to quietly get rid of Lyz so that I could help the girls make a gift for her. I failed miserably. I got a some time here and there, but it was never enough to do what I wanted to do. I gave up trying to be stealth on Thursday and just basically kicked her out for Friday night. She said Chris had a game, so she would just go watch him. After helping with the mulch on Friday evening I asked Chris what time his game was. He doesn’t have a game. {Insert minor panic attack} I made Avery come up to my bedroom, but it didn’t work. There just isn’t a good flat surface, that I wasn’t afraid to get stuff on, for us to do the project on. So we went back downstairs and I announced that I thought Chris and Lyz needed a date night. Chris said fin, but I was in charge of feeding the children, dude, no big deal. They decided to go to BJ’s and pick up a bite to eat. As soon as they were out the door we started phase one.

Now, I can’t go into details here, because this blog post will show up on Facebook before Lyz can unwrap her present. I like the gift. It didn’t turn out as perfect as I would have liked, but when you are working with a three year old who has no concept of sit still, things don’t always work perfectly! And actually, I think that makes the gift all the more special.

My plans for today include church, brunch with CLAD+J and just spending time with some of the people I love so dearly. I will kiss and hug Blue Bear in the morning, and know that he is with me everywhere I go throughout the day, just like everyday.

Happy Mothers’ Day to every mother reading this. A quick shout-out to my three favorite mommies-Mommy Dearest, Lyz and Joni-mom. Happy Mothers’ Day to you if you are lucky enough to spend some time today holding your children in your arms, or just holding them in your heart. Today is for you. Love and hugs.


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