In the entire month of April I only wrote 8 posts. Usually, when I have a month where I write very little, it is a sign that I am in a bad place. Not this month. I’m actually quite beyond happy and simply very content. Over the past year this blog has been where I come to mope, or complain, or vent. I do not need to do any of those things right now. I need to get back in the habit of using this space to chronicle my life.

Some things that should have been blogged:

Delaney-This child blows my mind daily. She is the sweetest little thing. I’ve lived with her for almost 16 months, but still, when I walked in the door yesterday, she yelled HEIDI and went to Lyz, Chris and Avery and announced I was home and made sure they all knew it! She is full of hugs to give, and kisses (even though most kisses also include a raspberry for me, since she knows just how much I love them). She talks with the sweetest little accented voice that always makes me smile. I love the 10 minutes we get alone in my car while driving to school on Monday mornings. She fills me in on everything that I’m missing by driving with my eyes closed. She had her first school program, and sang so proudly! She melted my heart into a million pieces. If you ask her if she wants a little brother or a little sister, she stares at you and says “The baby is a girl”, like she simply won’t accept any other option.

Avery-My darling Avery needs to stop growing up. She had an art show at school, and I was totally impressed by her creativity. She made a sea monster. She said “I started to give it a tail, but then remembered that it had its tail eaten off by a bigger sea monster.” I love that even the simplest work of art has a story to tell. Softball has started for Avery again, I am blown away by her improvement from last year. She knows where to be in the field, her hitting is a bit better. She does have my awesome catching skills though. (You know, pretend you are going to catch the ball the right way, but when the ball gets about three feet from you, jump your body to the side and only let the glove be in the way of the ball?). They have won their first two games, and I have loved watching every second.

Lyz-Have I ever mentioned how beautiful she is?? Her beauty and grace and everything else about her amaze me more and more every day. She is currently sporting the most adorable baby bump ever. Baby is doing well, measuring slightly ahead. I’m convinced baby is a boy, but I was convinced Delaney was a boy too, so take nothing by my convictions. No, they will not be finding out if the baby is a girl or a boy!!

Chris-busy busy guy. Pretty sure he has three softball games each day, and two tournaments each weekend. I don’t get to go watch him too often, but when I do he always blows my mind with his mad skills. I have watched him improve more and more each year!

Me-Nothing new really going on here. Work is very very busy for me right now. By the end of the week I am usually forced to cut my last day short so that I don’t run into too much overtime. I’ve got bus groups growing out of my ears, which is AWESOME, because The Hotel really needs the business, but it leaves me frazzled and stressed because I am worried I am going to miss something or do something wrong. I’m getting ready to actually make a doctors appointment, because I think my thyroid is all messed up again (dry hair, constantly tired, flaky fingernails) but I really just don’t want to go to the doctor. I haven’t been in for freaking ever. But, I also need the whooping cough vaccine, so I guess it is time to bite the bullet and go. And, in the wonderful world of Crush and I, things are just fantastic. She really does brighten my world, and I thought it was already pretty darn bright before I met her!

So, I plan on getting my butt in here to blog better. Dance recitals are coming up. More softball. Summer fun. All that great stuff!! Goal for May: at least 16 blog posts. I need to write at least 43 more by October 11!! I would love to have 1,000 posts by the blogoversary!!


One thought on “Hiya

  1. Your life is so exciting these days, I live vicariously sometimes. You remind me often that I need to be less irritated by the small stuff and more grateful for the blessings in my life!

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