Goodbye, Martha.

I’m ashamed of myself. I’m going to get fired as a Martha Stewart fan. In that big post I did the other day where I listed all of the things I had done since I last blogged, I forgot one. WE WENT AND SAW MARTHA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by we, I mean Lyz, Joni, Me AND Chris!! We made him come with us this time. As usual, it was a total blast. Our episode doesn’t air until next month, May 11 I believe. It was the French cooking episode, and we walked away with a bag of goodies, yet again. We got bacon, truffle butter, honey, cookies, chocolate and a cookbook! WoooHooo us!!


One of my favorite things about going to see Martha is the people watching. We wait in line outside of the studio for about an hour and a half. When Joni and I walked down the street to use the restroom, Martha walked by. So Chris and Lyz got to see her RIGHT THERE!! So jealous. Then Carson Kressley walked by why we were waiting too!! Then inside the studio we were talking about different outfits that people were wearing. I’ve mentioned before that Martha sends out a specific list of appropriate colors and patterns to wear. Some people simply cannot read. Joni picked a woman and told a whole story about her, it was awesome.

This will be the last Martha taping that I will go to. Her show has been cancelled. They did the last taping this week. I even sent a long sob story email about the Martha Muffin. Weird, I just did a blog search and I have never spoken about the Martha Muffin on here before!!

Story of the Martha Muffin. **Warning-if you didn’t already think I that I am a nutcase before reading this, you are totally going to think I am insane after reading this**

The very first season of Martha was in 2005. My dear friend Diane, was able to go to one of the very first tapings. For that episode, Martha made muffins. I don’t even remember what kind of muffin it is. Yes, I said is. I will get there, hold your horses. Diane also happened to be coming to visit me at The Hotel that weekend. She loves me so much that she saved her muffin, and her ticket, and brought them to me.

I did not eat the muffin. It was too holy to eat. I stared at the muffin. I rained tears down on the muffin. I worshiped the muffin. I kept the muffin. Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is now 2012 and I still have a muffin Martha baked in 2005. That is how big of a freak I am.

A few years ago I emailed this story to the show and they called and asked me if they could have Martha call me to talk about the muffin during the show, but then things fell through so I was unable to. So I thought maybe, just maybe, if I sent them a note that I still have the Martha Muffin, they might bring me back for the last taping. Oh-well. (And no, there are no future plans to throw the muffin away. It has lived in three different houses. Until that thing actually starts growing mold, or falls apart, it will stay with me.)

So dear Martha, thank you for having me at three of your tapings. Thank you for all of the goodies you have sent us home with. Thank you for being my inspiration!! I can’t wait to see what you bring us all next!!


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