Disney’s Animal Kingdom

*Why did I choose to start with Animal Kingdom? Because today is Monday. I am quietly bringing back mingo Monday by doing Animal Kingdom first…since there are flamingos at Animal Kingdom!!*

Ahhhh…Animal Kingdom. This was not my first trip to this part of Walt Disney World. I had gone with Jenn several years ago…2006, I think. My biggest memories are that 1-I got a sunburn on the part of my hair and we had to buy an ugly hat to cover my head. 2-I wanted ice cream and then proceeded to spill it all over the front of my shirt. Since I had already bought a hat to fix one problem, buying a shirt was a little out of the question. Oh well-I was able to rinse it out pretty well in the restroom.

We did three days at the Animal Kingdom.

Attractions we visited:

  • It’s Tough to be a Bug!–great show!!  Except for the spiders.  ewww.
  • Festival of the Lion King–Avery got chosen to lead the Lions in a huge roar at the beginning of the show to welcome Simba onto the stage!!  Then, towards the end of the show, all children are invited out to do a parade around the stage.  Both girls loved it!!
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris-We did this twice.  I can’t decide which time I like more.  See, I developed a teeny tiny crush on the second tour guide, Angie, but there were no flamingos that time!!  Totally annoying!
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek-We would not have done this, but there is a little passport that you can get stamped as you learn about animals and conservation efforts as you go through the park.  Avery wanted to fill hers fully, so we had to head out on the trek to find the elusive sixth stamp!
  • Expedition Everest-We did this one several times.  At least 4 I believe.  It is quite a good roller coaster!!  I’m not a huge fan of going backwards, so be warned it does travel in reverse, but even though I’m not a huge fan of that, I still loved the ride!!
  • Fossil Fun Games-Chris won three different animals!!
  • Finding Nemo-The Musical–TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wish we could have seen this more than once!
  • Primeval Whirl–One of my favorite small roller coasters is the Wild Mouse at Hershey Park.  This was very similar to that.  I wish I could remember exactly what words came out of Lyz’s mouth when we made the first turn!!  They were so funny!  (I feel the need to clarify that it was not cursing…which is part of what made it so funny!!)
  • TriceraTop Spin-I did not personally go on this one, but Lyz, Joni and the girls did—they loved it!!
  • Dinosaur-Um…somewhere in the slideshow that will be in the end of this post, is a picture of the picture that was taken while we were on the ride.  I don’t remember being scared.  I don’t remember not liking the ride…but in that picture…I look like I’m about to poop my pants…or I already did…or something!!
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch-This is the part of the park that is quite educational.  Avery and Delaney were mesmerized while learning about opossums.  There is also a room where you put headphones on and listen to the sounds of the rain forest…very peaceful.  The most interesting part to me is they had a display of the pellets that they feed to the flamingos!!  (And yes, I may have brought a few pellets home with me, you never know when a random flamingo may stop by the house, hungry.)

Where we ate:

  • Rainforest Cafe-This was a last minute find after our plans changed due to rain.  The food was good.  I wouldn’t have paid the amount of money they wanted for it…you are totally paying for the atmosphere.  Every so often the monkeys would start being noisy and moving around and being cute.  It was very very dark, so Joni had given Delaney her flashlight to play with.  One time, when the monkeys started flipping out (sorry, there really is not better way to put how they were acting lol) Chris told Delaney it was because of the flashlight.  She turned the flashlight off sooooo fast!!  Then the next time they started flipping out she panicked!
  • Pizzafari-Stopped for lunch twice.  Decent portions.
  • Tusker House Restaurant- Went for breakfast with Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Goofy.  The breakfast was really good!!  They make the perfect tater tots, and Lyz and I adored their veggie quiche.
  • Snack to not miss-If you are doing the dining plan, the best bang for your buck snack-wise is the strawberry slushies you can get at various food stands.

Random Thoughts

  • Animal Kingdom is the largest park…the other three parks can all fit inside!  But it doesn’t feel that way at all.
  • The parade is hard to work around.  If you are going on a day that you don’t want to watch the parade…be prepared to get to your destination early.
  • If using Fast Pass…get them for Kilimanjaro Safaris and Expedition Everest.
  • Animal Kingdom closes earliest.  There may have been one day that my feet were killing me and knowing that Animal Kingdom closed at 6 was my saving grace!

Funny Story-

On the second day we went, Chris had to go back to the car for something just before we entered the park.  We noticed Timon was available for autographs, so we headed over.  Since Chris was gone, Lyz manned the camera, and I took charge of handling autograph books.  After Timon signed, I backed up to get out of the picture.  I felt my right foot hit one of those stone borders that surround trees.  You can guess what happened next right??  I fell.  Flat on my hiney.  In front of a gazillion people.  I was laughing so hard.  It was totally one of those slow motion falls…I just kept thinking “I hope Lyz is getting a good laugh.”  I opened my eyes to see Timon looking at me.  I could not stop laughing.Timon helped me up, brushed me off and gave me a big hug.  I looked over at Lyz, who made me laugh more due to her laughing, and asked if she got a picture.  SHE DIDN’T!!  But she did get a picture of Timon hugging me.  Timon…my hero! ❤

And…PICTURES (All taken by Chris, unless he is in the picture!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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