The Details…

*Just a small note. Lyz worked on this vacation for six months. The only thing I did was make a beautiful chart of what we were doing each day, including reservations, confirmation numbers, parade times and park operating hours. About two hours into the drive down, I realized I had forgotten the chart. Thankfully, Monica (hotel secretary) was able to fax it to the hotel for us!*

Tuesday 2/14-Leave house at 6pm.
Wednesday 2/15-Arrive at Pop Century Resort in Walt Disney World, check-in, head to Magic Kingdom
Thursday 2/16-Animal Kingdom
Friday 2/17-Epcot
Saturday 2/18-Magic Kingdom
Sunday 2/19-Hollywood Studios
Monday 2/20-Animal Kingdom
Tuesday 2/21-Epcot
Wednesday 2/22-Magic Kingdom
Thursday 2/23-Pool and Laundry Day
Friday 2/24-Hollywood Studios
Saturday 2/25-Head to Daytona
Sunday 2/26-Attempt to go to the Daytona 500 (rain delayed until Monday evening)
Monday 2/27-Return to Disney World, go to Animal Kingdom
Tuesday 2/28-Islands of Adventure, leave for home at 9pm

The drive down-Delaney passed out moments after we got in the car. She was so cute!! Avery stayed up super late. She kept asking…is it past my bedtime yet? Then, through Virginia, which I swear is the longest state in the entire world, she kept asking…are we still in Virginia? Yes, Avery, we are.

After realizing I had forgotten the itinerary, and solving that problem, it was around 11ish or so, and Lyz and I were just falling asleep. We hear “Uhoh” from Chris. Both of our eyes flew open…what could be wrong?? Chris announced that the Daytona 500 tickets are still in the kitchen cupboard. That was solved by a dear friend going to get them and overnighting them to Granny Franny’s house! Other than that, the ride was pretty uneventful. Lyz and I did have a bit of fun adjusting the gps unit to make it look like Lyz knocked well over an hour off of our trip!!

Daytona-Chris went down to Daytona two other days while we were there, and on the second trip returned with Granny Franny, so she was able to go to Hollywood Studios with us the one day!! Granny Franny is awesome. When we got to Daytona it was really the only iffy weather we had the whole trip (other than the monsoon, but that is a story for a different post!) I love Daytona Beach, in case you have never heard me mention that before. I almost ran out onto Granny Franny’s balcony to see the ocean.

Chris took a picture of me taking a picture of the ocean.
It really does fill me with life. Not as much as CLAD does though, so I won’t be moving there anytime soon!!

There really is so much more to share, but I would rather share more about the parks, so I don’t want to bore everyone here!! I will work on those posts tonight!!


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