Ahhhh…the pool

Sitting by the pool right now watching Avery and Delaney swim their little hearts out. Delaney has become quite the little “jumping bean”.  She stands on the side and jumps right in looking all excited and proud.  Avery is an awesome swimmer, she puts me to shame.

It has been a very very fun week! Yesterday was fun, even through a huge rain storm that left us all soaked straight through. One second it was a light sprinkle, the next it was a total downpour with thunder, lightening and high winds! We were afraid Delaney was going to blow right off the boat that takes you from the Magic Kingdom to the parking lot! But even through all of that we were laughing and having a total blast!

Today is relax and regroup day! We did some laundry and are not just sitting poolside soaking up some vitamin D. (With sunblock of course.)

I love my CLAD+J!


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