Versatile Blogger

Allison over at New Space, Fresh Start nominated me as a versatile blogger. Why thank you, Allison!!! What does that mean? Well I’m just going to copy from her blog:

There are a few rules:

* add the Versatile Award pic on your blog post (Hmmm  can’t find it)
* thank the blogger who nominated you (Check!)
* share 7 random things about yourself (Below!)
* nominate 15 10 0 fellow bloggers (See random fact #1)
* inform the bloggers of their nomination (see above)

Now, I would like to note that I am rather random on here most of the time anyway.  I share stupid silly little random facts all the time.  So this really got me scratching my head as to what else I can share…here goes!

Seven Random Facts About Me:

1-I don’t tag other bloggers. Why???  Because I am too lazy to go link up other people’s blogs lol.

2-I have a foul mouth.  I think I always have, but it was properly repressed.  I cannot imagine the amount of times my mother told me not to use the word suck.  I said my first real swear word when I was 17.  I said damn.  I was certain that I was going to be damned for saying it.  After that…it was all downhill.  I can make sailors blush.  The flip-side of this is that I am pretty darn good at controlling my mouth around Avery and Delaney.  Except for the new bad word.  Stupid.  Yes, I admit it, I say stupid A LOT.  Well, Delaney can hear you say it from three rooms away, at a whisper.  She will come running in, point at you, and say “Heidi said a bad word.  You no say stupid.”  Do you know how often I want to say back “Well you just said it too!”  I had no idea how often I say stupid until there were three year old ears listening to me.

3-When SWMNBN left and I had to open a new bank account, I choose the bank she got fired from in 2008.  90% because I knew she would never be able to get a job there again, so I would never have to worry about her looking into my finances (and yes, she would do this to other people), but 10% because I wanted to stick my tongue out at her.  This currently pisses me off because they have new check cards, and I really don’t like the design.

4-I LOVE to fill out forms.  I may have bought a raffle ticket from Avery the other day, just so I could fill out the little ticket stub.

5-I have a list of seven tattoos I want.  It will be awhile before I get any of them, but I have the list.  No, I won’t share all of them, but one of them is a tramp stamp that will read “Tackilicious”.  But I refuse to get that one until I have reached my weightloss goal.

6-I am obsessed with Burt’s Bees chapstick.  On my nightstand right now there are six tubes of it, and a tin.  I love the stuff.

7-On that same note, when I open one of my tubes of chapstick, I wipe it on my hand before it touches my lips.  You never know who could have used my chapstick.  Crush caught me not doing that the other day and told me she had just used it.  I wiped my lips off and started again.


So seven useless facts about me.  Consider yourself tagged if you read this.  Or, if you want to actually be tagged, leave me a note in the comments and I will become unlazied for a moment and tag you myself 🙂



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