• Joni should be coming home from the hospital today.
  • After a tearful phonecall with my bank, I have money again.  Now all I need is to be certain I have a check card in my hand before I leave for vacation.
  • My car is mostly fixed.  Really, no one has any idea what in the world is wrong with it.  But they replaced two parts, and hope that is the solution.
  • I finally grew some and have started talking on the phone to Crush.  My mom is probably wondering why this is a big deal.  I spent the vast majority of my high school career on the phone.  Well, since the invention of texting, I became dependent upon texting.  Well…now I’ve started using the phone more again.  (I am laughing as I type this because my phone has rang 4 times just while typing this bullet point.  Avery, Chris, My boss and a friend lol)
  • I love the sound of Crush’s voice.
  • Someone texted me yesterday because they figured out who Crush is.  It made me giggle.  It was Crush’s own fault…she kinda outed herself on my facebook page!!
  • I have to go now because Avery had called because she would like me to be home.  And I have an errand to run before I go home…so BYE!!!

Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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