Goals for February 2012

  • Write out what I want for my funeral.  (No, I’m not contemplating suicide.  Lyz requested a plan, Lyz gets a plan.)
  • Pack.  Pack smartly.
  • Finish the shirts. (This is not a goal really, I don’t have a choice!!)
  • Smile.  Smile so much it hurts.
  • Don’t allow anything to ruin that moment. (Vague enough for you??)
  • Be glad in the fact that I’ve got my insides (emotions) figured out.  Have faith that the outsides (not my body, but life in general)
  • Accept that there are some things I cannot have control over.  Have peace with that knowledge.
  • Remind myself daily that no one is ever 100% ready for something new.
  • Have a blast!
  • Take in every moment I can through Avery and Delaney’s eyes.
  • Stop sweating the small stuff.

Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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