I do a lot of these posts

  • Saturday-Chris is the softball commissioner.  So I went with them to help with sign-ups.  We spent three hours collecting information.  I swear I am getting really old and dumb because I had to make a cheat sheet so I would remember everything.  And I still kept messing up.  70+50 is not 130.  And anyone over 9 is travel.  Jeez Heidi.  Then we ran home and everyone changed and got themselves beautified.  Chris and Lyz had a hot date with a Hot Pocket (I’m laughing at the way I just described what they did.  I’m sure it makes no sense to you, but it is funny to me) and I headed out with Crush, her sister and a friend to see Sister’s boyfriend’s band.  Have I mentioned lately that I’m terribly shy?  Crush texted me at one point asking if I was ok, and I said “Yep, just trying not to panic!!”  The band was pretty good.  I was annoyed by the lead singer.  He had that uber comb over hairstyle that was so very popular last year (think Justin Beiber to the extreme) and he spent the entire time brushing it out of his eyes.  I wanted to go up on stage and buzz it for him.  Then he made it better by falling two or three times and hitting himself in the face with is microphone. Sister’s boyfriend was good, so all was well!  The second band was pretty good too, but their lead singer looked like the male version of Kristen Stewart.  I kept hearing her whiny voice begging for Edward.  I also really enjoyed the people watching!!  Crush’s and mine’s after concert plans fell through, so after a fun game of “What do you want to do?  I don’t know, what do you want to do?” we settled on heading home and ordering pizza.  We watched a very interesting television show and then Googled some of the things they were talking about because we didn’t understand and screamed at some of the pictures.  People do strange things y’all.  We also talked.  A lot.  I love the fact that we can talk so comfortably.  About anything.  We talked about music and our ex’s and our families.  I’m just so very comfortable with her.  (PS, Crush died her hair and I love it!!  I forgot to take a picture where you couldn’t see her face though, so you will just have to believe me when I say it is awesome!!)
  • Sunday-Nanny’s memorial service.  It was a beautiful service.  I was brought to tears by the family member that I would have least expected to be able to do that.  After the service we had fun talking it all over.  And we were all starving.  This lead to the invention of the after funeral pretzel sandwich.  It is these kind of moments that I cherish.  We also had a judging of the various cookies.  There were two different cookie stations and once we realized there were different cookies at each station, well…these are things they should announce.  I almost missed out on pecan pie cookies for crying out loud!!  We went home and ordered dinner.  There was no milk.  So I ran out to get milk, Lyz wanted a slushie, Chris asked me to return a dvd, Avery wanted to watch a movie.  So I gathered all of the above and we (minus poor Chris who had to work) settled in on the couch with slushies to watch the Muppets Take Manhattan.  Delaney was asleep 10 minutes into it.
  • Monday-My day with the girls!!  I do love me some Monday.  Delaney comes into bed with me around 7 and we watch about 10 minutes of tv before she gets too noisy and I have to take her downstairs (Chris is sleeping after working all night).  We head downstairs to make breakfast.  I was walking down the hallway to go wake Avery up and she is standing on the stairs yelling at me because she is going to be late for school.  I kinda giggled at her and told her it is only time for you to wake up, relax.  Once both girls were off to school I went back to bed for an hour.  When Chris got up I talked to him for a bit and then he left to pick the girls up and head to the gym.  I cleaned up, started laundry and ran to the store for dinner.  We had cheese and broccoli quiche, brussel sprouts and caeser salad.  I was thrilled that someone actually requested a meal.  I have a minor panic attack each Monday trying to decide what to make for dinner!!  Chris dropped the girls back off and they helped me make dinner.  (PS, asking a three and six year old to whisk eggs is entertaining.)  When everyone was home we ate, Avery and Chris went to TKD.  When they were back, Lyz and I went to watch the Hop Holla’s first basketball game.  Have I mentioned lately how awesome Lyz’s friends are?  Well, I suppose I could call them my friends too.

So that was my last three days in a nutshell!!  Phew!


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