I am not the only one who has weird food issues.  After I posted my post the other day Crush shared some of hers with me.

  • She doesn’t like anything stuffed.  Ravioli, stuffed shells, etc.  The idea of stuffed is gross to her.
  • She doesn’t like any white creamy substances. Mayo, Alfredo sauce, etc.
  • No sausage links.  Just gross.
  • Non-Food–She does not like the word embed or embedded.  Makes her gag.  She couldn’t even get the word out of her mouth while telling me this.
  • She does not eat anything from the ocean.  Except maybe tuna but only in a tuna sandwich and it can’t be grossly coated in mayo

Nice to know I’m not the only freak!!


The last few nights Chris, Lyz and I have gathered on the couch for reality television and Words with Friends playing.  We are each on our respective corners of the sectional and have mulitple games going.  Chris gets very demanding with the game you are playing with him.  My phone doesn’t always warn me when it is my turn to play, so Lyz got smart and just makes the WWF noise.  Chris, on the other hand, simply yells at me “It is your turn Heidi, COME ON!”  So the other day when I mentioned that Crush would be coming over last night, they both looked up from their phones and said “Make sure she brings something to play Words with Friends with.”

So last night there were four of us together on the couch playing multiple games of Words with Friends.  It made me smile.  A lot.


I had a big fun day yesterday that included my cell phone refusing to turn on.  I should be married to my phone.  I text a lot.  I feel disconnected if I am unable to receive texts.  Alone.  Lost.  When it went out on me I ran into my boss’s office and begged to go to the store to get it fixed.  He just laughed and sent me away.  So off I went (after posting on facebook and emailing Crush that I was unavailable via phone).  When the guy got it working again he laid it on the counter while he finished up paperwork.  All of the sudden it started going berserk.  It was crawling across the counter due to all of the vibrations.  Why??  Because in the hour and a half that the phone was not working, it was supposed to be receiving 54 text, and they were all coming through at once.  He looked up at me and said “You text a lot”  then started typing in his computer.  He looked at me again and said “Did you know you had over 15,000 texts last month?”  My pathetic response??  Oh, well that is a new record for me.

15,406.  You can tell when I met Crush.  10/25-11/25 there were 5848 texts.  I met Crush in the beginning of December.  11/25-12/25 I had 8,863.  I almost doubled for 12/25-1/25.  Holy crap.  Now, I do get a lot of coupons, daily deals, updates, facebook stuff and other non-human texts.  But still.  I think I have a problem.  Not that I am going to do anything about that problem, because I’m betting that the doubling is all texts to Crush.  Although, I did manage to finally get up the courage to call her the other night, so maybe some of those texts will go away if we start talking on the phone instead of just texting.


On the way home from the cell phone place, my precious little Emma (the car) decided to pull her favorite nonsense on me and die on the side of the road.  Thankfully Monica, a friend of mine from work, was able to come help me get her started again.  So in one day I had to deal with a dead phone and a dead car.  Grrr.


I had just shared an embarrassing story in this space.  Then deleted.  I decided that I was too embarrassed about how big of a dork I am.  Move along.


Wednesday night we had softball signups.  Chris is the softball commissioner, so Lyz and I were the ones people were signing up with.  Elissa came to sign Belle up.  I was stealing hugs from Skyler and Austin when I noticed the most amazing thing.  Skyler is almost as tall as me.  He will be 16 in March.  I met him when he was 8 months old.  Holy crap.  Where in the world did time go?  (Meanwhile, Belle is still a very very tiny girl, Avery towers over her.  Avery is 6.  Belle is 11.  Weird.)



Okay, enough ramblings!!  xxoo


3 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. I also do not eat ANYTHING from the sea except for tuna…..I am a VERY picky eater……so tell crush she is ok!

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of texts. I have 200 per month to use (that’s send & receive), and the only time I’ve gone over is the month n was born. Heh. But it helps that I have email on my phone…

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