Coming Out of the Hoarding Closet

This post brought to you by the conversation I am having with Crush (via text) about strange things about us.

I have shared some of my weird things about me with you before.  See Here   Here   and  Here in cause you’ve only found me recently.

Anywho, this morning Crush and I were talking about stuff and I asked her to tell me something I didn’t know about her.  She said she needed to think about it and asked me the same question.  I responded that “I’m a closet hoarder, but I’m well behaved about it.”

I am.  I’m more of a memory hoarder though.  I don’t go out and buy things just to have them.  I keep strange things.  My very first scrapbook started when I was in high school.  The amount of crazy things in it is astounding.  There are turkey wishbones, straw wrappers, concert ticket stubs, movie ticket stubs, receipts, if it fit in a scrapbook, it is in there.  Weirdest item??  My braces.  Yep, saved those too.

My collecting became an issue when I got back from Idaho.  I believe it was my mom who told me that I needed to control it.  If it didn’t fit in a scrapbook or my kitty box (a cube shaped box with a lock on it…about 3 feet square, I have now upgraded to a hope chest) it should probably go.  I learned to live by that.  If the kitty box got too full, I would go through all of the things, decide which was least important, and let it go.

I know what is least important in the hope chest now.  Wedding stuff.  From the place cards, to the index cards that I used to keep track of rsvp’s and gifts, to all of the wishes I had people write for us.  That can all go.  I will keep the pictures.  But I don’t see the point in keeping anythings else.  The pictures I want to save simply because that was how Blue’s mommies got married.  He deserves for them to be kept.

Crush and I talked about our hoarding a little, then she confessed that she collects duffel bags.  That cracked me up.  Why?  Because I have a thing for the reusable grocery shopping bags.  I have a whole shelf full of them.  From different stores and businesses.  From a funeral home.  From buying them at the actual grocery store!!  I like them.  Weird thing is, I hardly ever use them!!  (Crush just cringed.  She’s very eco-friendly)

Anywho, moral of the story is that I am a memory hoarder.  I have no problem admitting it.

**This is all in my head now because the other day I finished my 2011 scrapbook (a whole year of just me!! So proud of myself!!)  I was sorting through the pile of things I had already collected for January and noticed that I am missing a ticket stub.  I’m very upset that I cannot find the ticket stub.  I actually cried.  I will be going through everything in my room in the hopes that the ticket stub reappears.  I must have that ticket stub**

One thought on “Coming Out of the Hoarding Closet

  1. I HOARD REUSEABLE GROCERY BAGS TOO! husband has a fit because i buy them all the time and then i don’t use them..whole closet full {giggle} from wegmans, target, giant, weis, fashion bug, the wearhouse,…pretty much every where i have ever shopped that sells those bags. oh yeah and i hate food’s not as bad now as it was when i was a kid..back then i used to eat everything in order starting with my least favorite and saved the best for last..cause when i was a kid you had to clean your plate because of starving children…

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