I’ve talked about Chris’s grandmother a few times here. Nanny rocks. For a long time, when I had first met her, she wasn’t very warm to me. Then one day we were standing in her kitchen and I was looking in the glass front cabinets and said “Are those salt dips??” Nanny loved me from that point on.

She didn’t know my name for awhile. Jenn and I were “The girl with the big boobs and the one that looks like a boy”. Since Jenn left, Nanny worried about me a lot. Every time I saw her she would ask if I was still living with CLAD. At first I thought she was wanting me to leave, that I was a burden to them. Joni told me that it was because she was worried, she didn’t want me to be alone.

For Christmas, Nanny bought me a beautiful necklace with several charms that all have different meanings like hope, peace and faith. I was brought to tears. It was such a thoughtful and unexpected gift.

Last night, Chris, Lyz and I had just got settled in on the couch, in our pj’s, to watch tv after the girls were tucked into bed. Chris’s phone rang. Chris keeps a very plaster face, we can never tell what kind of phone call he is on. His last words were “I’m on my way” as he stood up. He turned to us and said that Nanny was being taken to the hospital, either a stroke or a heart attack. Lyz and Chris flew through the house getting dressed and ran out the door.

I paced. I checked on the girls at least 30 times. Lyz called to let me know she was doing ok, taking her in for tests. I relaxed a little, Lyz’s voice was calm. I laid in bed reading and watching Harry Potter. Around midnight I got a text that they were on their way home.

Lyz came in and told me that Nanny has two blood clots in her arm, one of them is in an artery that leads to her brain, so surgery is out. They are giving her heparin. She will be in the hospital for a while, but for now, all is well.

I fell asleep comfortable in the knowledge that Nanny was under the best care possible.

Sitting at work this morning, I heard my phone start to vibrate on the desk. I knew. Lyz’s name and face popped up. I really didn’t want to answer. The longer you don’t know something, the less it can hurt, right? Hello? She….didn’t….make it. I listened to Lyz for a few minutes, gave her my love. She had to go, so many things to do. Listening to her cry made me die a little. She was most upset about having to tell Avery. Avery had asked if she could draw a picture for Nanny to take with them when they went to visit her after school. Of course!! Now Lyz would have to tell Avery that Nanny was gone.

This isn’t fair. My CLAD has been beaten and bruised so much these past few years.

Nanny, you are awesome. I loved getting hugs from you. I loved the fact that you spent this past year making me feel more and more welcome in your home. I love that a few weeks ago you gave me a lecture on how I better show up for the family Christmas party. I love that at New Year’s dinner you kept making me put more and more pork and sauerkraut on my plate “That’s all your going to take?? No, more…more…that’s better!!” I love you, Nanny. Thank you for being in my life, and welcoming me into yours.

CLAD, I love you, We got this.


7 thoughts on “Nanny

  1. Ugh, I hate to hear of more hurt for you and your beloved CLAD. I am so sorry. What a lovely memory of Nanny, though. You are extra lucky to have gotten to know such a wonderful lady.

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