•  Delaney is in rare form lately.  Last night she took all of the water out of the bathtub and flung it all over the room.  Giggling like a maniac.  Lyz just looked at me.  Delaney is the opposite of Avery in every way.
  • As I was standing in our bathroom getting ready to go out last night, Avery asked me why I’m always going out on dates.  I looked over at her and said “What?”  She changed her tune and asked me why I’m always going out with friends.  I felt a little guilty.  Avery doesn’t really know that I have been dating.  I suppose I should be more honest with her.  Three or four months after Jenn left Avery had asked me “Why aren’t you dating yet?”  I told her I wasn’t ready.  More, I wasn’t ready to tell her.  If Crush and I ever get to the point where we say we are dating, Avery will be the first to know.
  • I got “yelled” at the other day for not waving to Chris as I drove past him on my way out of the neighborhood.  I did wave, he just didn’t see me do it, I guess.  Last night, as I was driving out of the neighborhood, I drove past him again.  This time I rolled my window all the way down and waved with my whole arm.  I hope he saw me!
  • Chris has started a home brewery.  I’ve been teasing him a lot because when I get home from work I’m always interested to see what the house smells like.  It is a very unique smell.  I do love to see how proud he is of himself as he starts making all of these new beers.  He had us all try one the other night.  Us all being the adults, of course.  It tasted and smelled just like something he poured out of a bottle!!  Go Chris!
  • The other night Lyz was having a rough time.  I moved from my corner of the couch and sat below her spot, on the floor.  Just to be closer.  She looked over at Chris after a few minutes, and I was expecting her to say something about my dorkiness, or it being creepy that I was sitting there.  Instead she said “I like Heidi sitting down here.  It makes us all closer.”  Chris broke the emotional moment by saying “Yes, because three feet was simply too far away.”
  • I went out to dinner with Crush last night.  We went to a Japanese restaurant.  I had a blast.  One of my favorite things about her is watching her talk about her family.  You can see her intense love for them in her eyes as she shares stories with me.  I like her sister and nephew already, and I’ve never even met them.
  • I’ve spent this morning at work playing Words with Friends with my boss.  I love no work Saturdays.
  • Heading out tonight on a hunt for Lady Gaga.  Wish me luck!

One thought on “Moments

  1. My two granddaughters (they’re 21 months apart in age) are different as night and day! It just cracks us up!!! The oldest (Sophie who is 5) is sooo grown up and she wants to please every one and then Lily (just turned 4) marchs to the beat of her own drum… but that is what makes them sooo fun…..enjoy

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