GoooGooo for GaGa

I like Lady Gaga.  I have no issues admitting it.  One of my first blogging friends, B, may have just called me a freak for it.  In fact it was B that made me like Gaga so much!  B was not a fan of the song.  While in Florida that year, the song played every single time Jenn and I were in the car.  So, every time it played, we would dial up B and put the phone next to the speaker!!  B loved it, I’m sure lol

My love for Gaga grew more when Avery started singing Poker Face.  I remember her spending the night at our house and sitting in our bed and playing it on the computer so Avery could sing along.  Somewhere I have video of that.

I now own all of the songs she has done.  Did you know she sings a song called “Blueberry Kisses”?  She does.  That may have been the total seal to my love for her.  Anyone who sings a song about Blueberry Kisses is good in my book (and yes, I know what the song is really about, but I don’t care.  I can interpret the words how ever I want to!!)

Anywho, the point to this story is that our whole city is freaking out about Lady Gaga right now.  She has been visiting our dear city a lot lately, as she is dating a young man from the area.  The first time it was to go to his grandfather’s funeral.  (I actually know the guy, but not well enough to be all up in his face and begging to meet Gaga!).  Now he has been spotted everywhere.  She was spotted at a local store buying a necklace, lots of different bars, and even at a grocery store buying meat.  (Maybe she was making a new dress?)

But…now…she is purchasing a home in the area.  We (Lyz, Chris and I) have been plotting ways to stalk her home.  It is right near Delmar’s house that Chris currently has on the market.  We’ve been joking that maybe we could get her to buy Delmar’s house…Chris may have even posted something to this effect on Gaga’s wall.

I am hoping that she will show up at a bar one night while we are out.  I will meet her.  I will tell her that my favorite song of her’s is Blueberry Kisses.  I will beg her to let me call B and have B listen to her sing a few lines of Just Dance.  I’m just that freakish.


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