Goals for January and Goals for 2012


  • Stress less.  Don’t let those tiny little thoughts run away with myself.  Don’t let myself ruin the happiness.
  • Organize the storage area.  (Ask for help if it becomes too much)
  • Buy new jeans.  This only owning one pair that fits stuff is nonsense.  I will get my hiney to Goodwill and buy some that I don’t have to pull up every 30 seconds.
  • Organize the clothes.  This will help me get ready for vacation 🙂
  • Add #1 and #4 together.  Don’t stress about vacation.
  • Do not download anymore Kindle books until I have read 3 of the classics that are already downloaded.  (Harry Potter, Twilight and the Hunger Games do not qualify as classics Heidi)
  • Gym.  Lots of it.
  • That smile that graced my face for month of December…keep it up.
  • A minimum of one RAK per week, per family member.
  • Believe them when they tell you they need you.


  • Keep losing, but don’t hate myself for not being perfect RIGHT NOW.
  • Two 5K’s.
  • Break out the sewing machine.  Put the pins to good use.
  • Be more supportive than ever.
  • No matter what happens, be there.  Be the one that they know they can always lean on.  Even at 4am.
  • Be honest.  At all moments.  With everyone.
  • Do not feel pressured to do something/be something just because I think it makes someone else happy.  If it isn’t making me happy, it isn’t being done.
  • Smile.  No matter what, make this the best year ever.
  • Lyz’s own personal note that I am stealing…let’s have 2012 be the year of no funerals.

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