A Farewell Letter to 2011

Dear 2011,

I’m sorry.  I know I spent the first few months of you cursing you out and calling you every bad name I could think of.  I owe you a sincere apology for that.  For the most part, you were a fantastic year.  I see that now.  I see the wonderful plans you had in mind for me.

I do curse you for taking Delmar from our lives.  Chris needed his Dad.  Lyz needed her father-in-law.  Avery and Delaney needed their Boppy.  The drama that you have left behind for taking him from our lives will take years to work through.  I hope you have something wonderful planned for the years to come to perk us all up.

I cursed you in the beginning of the year for taking SWMNBN from me.  But it is all so clear now.  Thank you for removing her from my life.  I see what happiness is now.  I see what it means to be loved, to feel loved.  I do not regret the years that I had with her, but I see now that there is something better, something more for me out there.  The last few years were spent with a woman who had no motivation, no heart.  She has that now, and I have more people than I can count who give me love and support, more than she was ever capable of giving.  All is for the best, I’m sorry I doubted you.

Just the same, I am excited to say goodbye to you tonight.  I will be in surrounded by the 5 people who have held me afloat this year, while you taught me your lesson.  There will be bonus people too.  Crush will be there.  She is the one you brought me to make these last few weeks so enjoyable!!

At midnight tonight, two little girls will kiss me while we bang pots and pans.  For that I am more thankful than anything else.  I am thankful that you have made them an even more important part of my life.

So, goodbye, 2011.  I look forward to welcoming your replacement with open arms.  I cannot wait to learn what new lessons I will be taught, what new people you will bring into my life, and, who I get to keep 🙂




One thought on “A Farewell Letter to 2011

  1. Have a great time tonight, Heidi! Maybe you’ll get a kiss from someone else???? Not that little girl kisses aren’t the best!

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