If I had remembered to steal the photos from Chris’s camera…

This would be a post full of pictures from Christmas.  But I didn’t take the pictures off, AND I’m still not sure that I will be posting any pictures of the girls on here anymore anyways. But I have a couple of days to think that over.  SWMNBN has emailed me stating she will not check the blog anymore, but we all know how good she is with promises (vows, sending ashes, being a good human being, etc.)

Oh, in the same email she asked if we would stop referring to her new girlfriend as Pug.  I am going to need some suggestions for a new nickname for her.  Sadly, my favorite, EHB, has already been taken, so I’m going to need something similar.

My Christmas weekend was amazing.  Three days of nothing but CLAD.  We went to church and went to visit family.  I got to help play Santa and get all of the presents set out.  Lyz and I stayed up extra late on Christmas Eve chatting and being so excited for Christmas morning!!  And then there was Christmas morning…so full of love.  But I’m going to save the Christmas morning story for when I have have the pictures.

Tonight is going to be a new experience.  I’m a little nervous.I get to hang out with Crush tonight.  We’re going to go out to dinner and then come back to CLAD’s after 8:30pm so that she can meet Chris and Lyz.  I know, I heard you all just think it…wait…didn’t it take Heidi months and months to introduce K to them?  Yes, that is totally true.  Goes to show you either how little I liked K, or how big of a crush I have on Crush.  Or maybe it is the fact that Lyz is literally begging to meet Crush.  Like, every night for the last week she has told me to text her and invite her over.  I mean heck, Lyz and Crush are already friends on Facebook!!  (And yes, Chris, Facebook is real life.)  I swear to you, even if a relationship never progresses between Crush and I…this girl is a part of my life from here on out.  We just get along so well.

So that was my weekend in a quick nutshell.  Tonight I will steal the photos from Chris’s camera and tomorrow I will post more in depth thoughts about Christmas.  You’ll have to wait til Thursday to see how the great CL + Crush meetup went!!

(PS-I may be a little bit excited about seeing my crush tonight.)



6 thoughts on “If I had remembered to steal the photos from Chris’s camera…

  1. I didn’t know what to wear tonight so I went with pajama couture and wear yoga pants and a Landis Christmas tree sweatshirt =)

  2. I used to call my ex’s new woman (who he left me for) slut puppy……it used to piss her off so I did good….lol

  3. oh another thing who does she think she is checking your blog???? You can do and call who ever you want….it’s YOUR blog…..

  4. Well I have a pug and she’s totally cute (in a super ugly way) so I’m against the whole pug = bad thing already. What about yeast infection? Or pink eye? Those are terrible. 😉

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