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Good Morning everyone! This is Lyz, you know the L from CLAD. Now you may be wondering why I am blogging…

Well something occurred this morning and I asked Heidi to please let me address it. Heidi received an email alerting her to someone wanting to comment on her blog…she read it and saw it was from her closest friend, Elissa-using Elissa’s email address. Now this comment was calling Heidi and I both out saying to admit we had weight loss surgery…Oh and when first read it, comes across very sweet and supportive, but then Heidi decided to check something out…Where the IP Address came from.

Well blog readers, can anyone guess???? FLORIDA!! Maybe the person who thought they were clever enough to hack into someone elses email is completely dumb enough to forget that you can see where the computer is that it was posted from. So unless Elissa did her bus route this morning in PA and then got to Florida in 15 minutes, don’t see it being possible.

So I will address the two possible people this could be. Jenn and Pug…

First off, not sure who is more pathetic for still stalking Heidi and my family. But to address your accusations. If you did any sort of research you would know that we did go to a meeting but discovered insurance did not cover it. So you know what we did? We started working…HARD! We are at the gym 3-4 times a week. We eat only healthy food. We have two things you obviously don’t have. Self control and hard work ethic! We have busted our butts to lose this weight.

And don’t try to trivialize it by saying a “pink birdie” told you we had surgery. I would go back and confront your little birdie because they just made you look like a pathetic stalking petty childish ass! I will say yet again, do you not understand we can see how many times you look at the blog? And let me just tell you someone down there does A LOT of checking. If you are so happy and content with your new life why do you check on us 2-3 times a DAY?!?

OH, and I would like to add I still believed in you Jenn as a good person until 10/29 came and went. What kind of disgusting monster promises a five year old something and then does nothing…

Heidi and I look fantastic! Be jealous. Wish you were us! But I can tell you now we are way out of your league. (not that we weren’t before)

Merry Christmas everyone!! Mine will be fantastic!!

The comment that Lyz is referring to:

E @, Said:

Submitted on 2011/12/21 at 7:16 am

Longtime reader not usually a commentor. A little pink birdie told me to ask you both what facility and doctor did your weightless surgery? It is totally ok to have help in this department. Whatever is needed to get yourself healthly!! Just be honest with yourself and others because you could be inspiring someone else to get themselves healthier. Too let them know it is ok if you need help losing the weight, don’t be ashamed, you are not alone!! Maybe you and lyz could start a group in our area!! Helping others helps you!!


21 thoughts on “Guest Blogger..

  1. Oh, my! I am usually a reader- have been keeping up but feel the need to comment. I am not sure why it is so important to the people you mention to take away your accomplishments, just wanted to say HELL YA to you both for the rewards you are now enjoying because of your hard work!

  2. That was fun!! You all are liars. Someone close to you told me that you had weight loss surgery. You do look good!! I am glad you are getting healthly and feel better about yourself. But don’t lie you had the surgery sometime in aug. People tell me stuff. So watch who you talk To.
    So much to say and just not worth it!! I didn’t hack into Anyone email. I didn’t need any passwords to make a comment. I am happy. Happier then I have ever been!! If I look at the blog it is to see pics of the girls. That is all!!
    There is no reason for me to contact the girls because I still have the email stating that I would never be allowed to see them again. So yes if you see someone from Florida I guess it could be me. You denied me access to the girls so why make it worse by sending cards and gifts. I thought it would be easier to not so that there was no explanation needed to young ones. I hope you all have a great Christmas!!! If you would like to discuss further you may email me. Thanks

  3. Oh and I wasnt hiding. I tried using my information this morning and it wouldn’t let me. It kept saying error. Oh and I am not jealous. You are not my type and never were my type. You do look great though. So good job!! I will have a great Christmas thank you. I have my family back now, I have my real friends, i am gonna be an aunt again in a week, and above all I have a gf that loves me for me and dOesnt try and change everything about me! So with that I wish you all a fantastic holiday and the best wishes for everyone in the up coming year!!

  4. You 2 rock. Honestly, Heidi you are totally inspiring. Not just because you lost weight (and for the record, if that had been through surgery– which I know it wasn’t– it wouldn’t change how I feel), but because you have faced one of the hardest most heart-wrenching things imaginable and it only made you stronger. You and Lyz are so lucky to have each other to support each other through everything– weight loss and otherwise. Reading the commenter YEP’s comment only makes me sad. Clearly, someone who is very happy doesn’t have to say it over and over and over again. Someone who truly knows joy doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone.
    You both are awesome. You both look great, and you should be proud as it has taken a lot to get to where you are. Lots and lots of hard work. But as I spend all my time teaching my 5 year old son, what you look like isn’t what is truly important. It is who you are inside, how you act, the love you share with others. That is what makes people beautiful. And without a question, you are beautiful, beautiful women.
    Cheering you on from here, as always…

  5. Heidi and Lyz, my Mom and sister both had gastric bypass less than 2 years ago and I know there’s no way you did – they have a lot of restrictions and special dietary needs that you two clearly are not facing. Good for you both on losing weight the “old-fashioned” way! You look terrific and deserve it!

  6. Since you tried using your information”THIS MORNING” and it wouldn’t let you, I guess I was your scape goat!!! thanks for thinking to use me 🙂 but Please if ur going to use me ask my PERMISSION next time! We get to see the REAL Jenn now huh??? Give me a break! OH by the way this is the REAL “E”-Elissa so stop using me for ur childish antic And u won’t be able to get into my email anytime soon! I just can’t believe that you or your girlfriend had the nerve to use my information, and if you ask me you gave yourself away a couple of times in the posts you left! Just leave me out of your childish crap! Someone who is truly happy doesn’t need to keep saying it, unless they are trying to convince themselves.! By the way if you make promises to kids they NEVER forget!!! Just saying!!!!

  7. Oh forgot to say, I am sooooo proud of you and Lyz, you both inspire me everyday!!! Thank you so much!!! Much love for you both XOXO

  8. Thanks you for all the support. I just would like to say I want this to be done. You walked out of our lives so please keep walking. If you are so happy please go away, I don’t need or want you stalking my children’s lives please leave them alone. And not that I have to justify anything to you but surgery in august?? Um you may have wanted to go and look at things before you opened yourself up. Heidi and I actually lost 80% of the weight we lost BEFORE august… it has been clearly documented. Please go and be happy but leave my children and my family out of it.
    – and if you weren’t trying to hide wouldn’t you have said to start a support group in “your” area?? You clearly were trying for it to look like it wasn’t you and you got caught but like the person you have turned into instead of admitting your mistakes you just lie to try to cover them up.

    Again in front of all these people Stop coming to this page stop just stop…. This is Heidi’s page, this is our Family’s page and you made the choice 1 year ago to not be part of our family more….

  9. Yikes. I’m sorry this scuzzo is still following you guys around. I would totally understand if you decided to password-protect the photos so she can’t keep stalking you. I agree that someone who is oh-so-happy in her new life shouldn’t need to be looking at pictures of the family she left so long ago SEVERAL TIMES A DAY. Creepy. You two look fabulous, and clearly that’s because of the work you’re doing! I would also add that people who do get weight loss surgery don’t just wake up the next day and look awesome–there’s work that goes into that, too. But you’re doing it the harder, healthier way, and more power to you!

  10. It’s. Public blog. Heidi puts her entire life good or bad out for the world to read. You get mad at me for not sending bday cards yet you want me to stop looking at the blog. I care about your kids. I am not a monster has I am sure every thinks. I think about your girls all the time. I still talk about fun times I had with them. You can’t control me. This is part of the problem. You guys were always trying to control me. You can’t stop me from reading a public blog. I am not hurting anything by keeping tabs on your girls. It is not stalking, it is caring. Today is the first day I have made a comment in almost a year. Christina said I should get a card or a gift and mail it. I thought that it would male it worse so I didn’t. I figured they had started to forget me (which is what all of you would like) so I didn’t want to stir up any feelIngs for them.
    For the record I will dO and say what I want. I will not be controlled. It is a public blog and I can look at it if I want. I am doing nothing wrong.

  11. Oh and you need to remember back. You, not me, chose for me not to be in the family. I wasn’t even allowed to drop a card off at the mailbox if Christina was with me. I received an message stating that after our mcdonalds visit I would never see them again (even if I got back together with Heidi). I was told that if I mess with. (insert your Marian name) I messed with the wrong people and that I better watch my back cause something was gonna happen. Well we both know it was Lysol in my shampoo and Gatorade. (thank you heidi for the heads up).
    We can air it all out if you want cause I will do it if you want to go there.
    I care about your kids and sOmeday they will be able to make their own choices. I have hope that someday they will try and reach out to me. That’s if you don’t interfere.

    Oh and Elissa sorry. Yours was the only email address I knew Off the top of my head. I hope all is well.

    Merry Christmas. Let thee that has not sinned cast the first stone. Tis the season.

  12. Hey Jenn, this will be the last time I post anything about you. Don’t get what I am about to say twisted. You WILL NEVER talk to my children, see my children or have any contact with them. You were in their lives for only a few years. You did not make much of an impact in their lives. You were not their Aunt and you are not related to them. You are now a stranger on the street. You will be making a huge mistake by attmepting to send them anything or contact them in anyway. When comes to my children, I CAN and WILL control you. You may think youre “:man” enough to scare Lyz or Heidi, but you’re a gnat that needs to go on with your life and go away. Trust me!, DO NOT MESS WITH MY CHILDREN!!

  13. I offer my total support to Team Mingo/CLAD! My IP will probably pop up a bit as watching this situation. Having been stalked/abused by my ex’s girlfriends, I feel the need to ask, is hacking someone’s e mail account and posting as them on a public blog against the law? If not, it should be. . .

  14. Hey Chris, you already made that all clear about a year ago. That would be why I haven’t sent them anything. Yet your wife seems to be angry with me because I didn’t send anything for their bdays. I was just following your orders. FYI I did make an impact on their lives, if I didn’t Avery wouldn’t have been so upset that I wasn’t at her bday. But maybe you should tell your children the truth that their daddy won’t let me have any contact with them.
    FYI you don’t scare me. I am not trying to scare lyz or Heidi. All I am doing is reading a public blog. And no you can’t control me either. You did for so long but not any longer. I really still had respect for you even after all the awful things you have said to me. And I know you all hate me. I get that. But I still care and hope all is well with all of you!!

  15. I didn’t hack Anyone email. You don’t need a password to comment.
    Also Chris you can’t tell me that Avery was not upset about me being at her bday. Heidi blogged about it. I was good to your girls I treated them like my own. I did this all up till their mother decided to use them as a threat if I left Heidi. People get divorced and separate all the time. There was no reason but anger and taking sides of why I could remain in the girls lives. I fully admit i went about what I did the wrong way. I should have split with Heidi five months earlier and not waited(sry Heidi). I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt. I did what I thought was best for me. You guys always said we were family. Family is suppose to foorgive ( just like lyz did to Daniele ). But apparently I was only family by conditions. I understand now that we were never family because mistakes would be forgiven.

  16. She mentioned you one time, two weeks prior to her Birthday and that was it. Jenn, youre damn near 40 years old. You started your own life in Florida. Seriously, move on. No one here cares about you anymore. Like I said, you are a stranger on the street. Also, no one ever said everyone should be forgiven. We don’t have to forgive anyone. I did tell my children that I am keeping them from you because I do not want them around people who make your type of poor decisions. People are considered family by their actions. Your actions did not display that of a family member that I want. My cousin and his wife split up and I do not have contact with her and she was family by marriage. If I was in your position, enjoying my life in Florida, the last thing i would be thinking about would be the people I left behind. I have never said an awful thing about you. I have spoken the truth about you and if thise things are awful, consider it a reality check. Seriously, be an adult here and get on with your life. I understand you have a mental capacity of a child but try really hard. You can do it. Make new friends, enjoy your family and just pretend we are all a dream or nightmare. Whatever works for you.

  17. Here is the big question Jenn, why did you feel the need to comment about the weight loss in the first place?? I mean if you are so happy why did you feel the need to do it and to use my name? And I can understand WHY my email popped up because you use to go on and check it out! Jenn I really hope you are happy because that is what everyone deserves!! All is wonderful here 🙂 nothing but blessings

  18. I have moved on with my fantastic life!! Getting married and having kids. Enjoying my family and friends. I hope that Heidi can move on and stop putting my name in her blogs. When she does this I have every right to read or comment. Remember public blog!! I really want nothing to do with you people. None if your have a heart and none if you know forgiveness. I forgive you all in my heart and hope that someday you can be just has forgiving. I wish you all the best and I hope that hatred leaves your heart.

  19. No one here is trying to be childish, rude, or stalking you in anyway. I sincerely look at the blog just to keep tabs on the girls. I miss them and love them with all my heart. They are the only thing I miss about PA.

  20. Elissa
    I would need your password to check out your email. I am not this ultimate spy that can hack into your computer and steal your password. I dont deserve that kind of credit. I commented about the weight loss because I think it is great to lose so much weight but at least be honest about how it happened. I was told by someone that us mutual friends that surgery happened in aug. I don’t care if surgey was used. Just be honest about how it happened. I don’t doubt that hard work at the gym also happened.

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