Forgive me Blog for I have sinned.

It has been almost two weeks since my last entry.

Why? Because there has been a lot going on. It is the holiday season. The last week of November Lyz and I sat down with a blank December calendar and a list of all the holiday events we wanted to squeeze in.

I’m about to go through and blog all that stuff. I will post date things, I will totally understand if y’all don’t read them, but I have to post them, this being my journal and all.

Quick rundown (not all of the below will be blogged about):

K and I broke up
My little brother came to visit
Delaney turned 3
Went to Chocolate World
Went to Rocky Ridge
Chris had a birthday party
Avery, Delaney and I went roller skating
Delaney had a birthday party
Chris turned 31
Went to a Christmas party with people Lyz went to high school with
Avery had a dance recital
Went to Chocolate World
Went to Hershey Park
I became twitterpated.

Phew. See, I simply haven’t had enough time to be blogging. So…I shall spend the next little bit of time catching it all up!!!

Thank you for your patience!!!


5 thoughts on “Forgive me Blog for I have sinned.

  1. Don’t be sorry about K!!!! It was a long time coming, it was mostly mutual, and well….stayed tuned, better things are coming my way!!

  2. Yeah, I was looking forward to a new post– sounds like a lot has happened!! Also sorry about K, but glad better things are coming!

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