Happy 31st Birthday, Chris!!

We didn’t take Chris to Hershey for his birthday. He didn’t seem too upset by that fact. We did cause him a ton of pain though. After picking the girls up from school, and taking him to lunch at Olive Garden, we sent him to get his sleeve tattoo worked on 🙂

I took the girls to karate and then we met them back at home to go to Kozairs!!! It was what Chris’s pick for a holiday activity, so Lyz and I thought it would be the perfect one to schedule on his actual birthday! It was a little colder, but we still managed to keep warm and have a ton of fun!!

Pictures!!! (All my pictures as of late and probably going forward are taken by Chris, unless he is in them, then it was either Lyz or I behind the camera)

(Lyz hates nutcrackers)

(My skinnier, not surgically altered hiney is visible up front there)


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