Delaney’s Birthday Party…and Roller Skating (Oh, and a really great picture of Lyz!!)

Delaney wanted her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. What three year old doesn’t??? After some slight turbulence this morning, it was all set to go!! And the birthday girl was quite pleased!!

More pictures!!!!!

(Check out Lyz’s skinny hiney!!! More pics of that at the bottom of this post)

Then there was roller skating.My dear darling readers, I am a brave soul. You see, Avery’s Taekwondo’s class had a Christmas party scheduled for this evening at a roller skating rink. Sounds simple enough, right? Except tonight was also Lyz’s work Christmas party. So Lyz and Chris would be unavailable to take the girls. I didn’t want Avery to be disappointed, so I volunteered to take them. Both girls. By myself. On roller skates. I passed it off as easy peasey when anyone mentioned that it might be hard, but on the inside I was scared to death. I haven’t been roller skating in YEARS.

About 20 minutes before we were to leave, I got a little sick in the stomach. I only have two arms. That means that I would have a child clinging to each hand. How will I keep my own balance???? It didn’t matter, I was going to find a way.

So we get there. We lace up skates. We stand up. We take one loop around the rink. Both girls are done. Please take our skates off. Please take us to the game room. I didn’t think it had gone that bad!! Another mother, April (Thank you so so so so so very much April for your help!) had been helping Avery around the rink while I focused on Delaney. But, since I aim to please, we unlaced our skates and hung out in the game room for a bit:

I finally convinced them that we needed to try again. I got Delaney a different sized pair of skates, and had Avery’s wheels locked so that they hardly moved, and off we went. (In hindsight, I should have gone with a smaller pair of skates too, but too late now!) This time Avery left me behind. She clung to the wall, but she didn’t want anyone helping her. Delaney was stuck to me like glue, but she was doing awesome! She very rarely had to have me hold her up and was just skating away.

Then they pulled out the limbo stick.

Both girls wanted to go. I was scared to death, on two levels. First, that they were going to hurt themselves. Second, that they were going to fall and I was going to have to skate my way out there to rescue them. I can skate. I’m not awesome, but I can do it. Where my issue lies is stopping. I can’t do it. I’m one of those people who just rolls into the wall. How was I going to stop once I got to a fallen child? But, it didn’t matter. They were limbo pros!! Actually, Delaney almost won the whole thing! (it helps that she was the youngest there, but still!)

My limboing nieces:

After that, it was all pretty much smooth sailing! There was an incident where Avery’s skates went completely out from under her causing her to fall straight onto her tailbone. She was a brave little martial artist. She looked up at me with tears filling her eyes, doing her best not to cry. I squatted down (quite a feat on skates I tell you) and pulled her up, whispered in her ear that it was okay to cry if she needed to and she shook her head. I helped her over to the wall so she could relax a minute and she told me to go ahead without her. So off Delaney and I went. With lots of glances over my shoulder to check on Avery. She stood there for a minute and then was off herself!! One hand perched just over the edge of the rink, there to hold on to in case she needed assistance.

When it was time to go, we skated out of the rink and over to the bench where our coats were stored. Three feet away from the bench, Delaney went down. Remember how I said I couldn’t stop? I had two choices, run over a small child, or take myself down. So, down I went. I rather wish I had taken a picture of the beautiful colors of the bruise on my right knee. I lasted for almost three hours, only to fall three feet away from freedom.

All in all a great time was had. The one thing I was sad about in taking the girls skating, was that I wouldn’t be home to see Lyz get ready for the party. So, she sent me a picture. I’ve mentioned before that Lyz has been seeing a personal trainer and a nutritionist…here is the results so far:

Doesn’t she look amazing!!!!! It blows my mind! I honestly never thought she was fat before. But now, when I see old pictures of her…new Lyz boggles the mind!! And…she’s still losing!! Go Lyz Go!!! Love you!!!


One thought on “Delaney’s Birthday Party…and Roller Skating (Oh, and a really great picture of Lyz!!)

  1. Longtime reader not usually a commentor. A little pink birdie told me to ask you both what facility and doctor did your weightless surgery? It is totally ok to have help in this department. Whatever is needed to get yourself healthly!! Just be honest with yourself and others because you could be inspiring someone else to get themselves healthier. Too let them know it is ok if you need help losing the weight, don’t be ashamed, you are not alone!! Maybe you and lyz could start a group in our area!! Helping others helps you!!

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