Chris’s Birthday Party

With Marshall still here we were excited to all be able to go out to celebrate Chris turning 31!!! A month or so ago, Lyz asked Chris what he wanted to do for his birthday. He said he wanted a couple of people to go out for dinner and drinks. He was even so sweet to say “I don’t care if it is just the three of us”, it brought a little tear to my eye, which he rolled his eyes at. So Lyz started making a list.

By the time tonight rolled around…she had invited around 50-60 people. Not everyone was available, so we knew there wouldn’t be that many people…but we may have been a little nervous at the amount of people that were coming would throw Chris off.

Nope!! A blast was had by all!! I don’t have many pictures to share, but I will share a few of my favorites:

Lyz and her “Baltimore Husband”

Chris and his “Baltimore Wife”
(this is a long and drawn out story, I swear they aren’t swingers, lol)

My brother and I (weird how our arms are the same….)



That vase made the loudest crash after its slow-motion fall through the window!! I couldn’t stop laughing, it was Chris that knocked it over! He turned so beet red!!

We had such a fun evening!! And I’ve been invited to Baltimore next year…wonder if I can find a Baltimore wife???

Happy Birthday, Chris!! I hope this new year of your life is wonderful to you!! LOVE YOU!!


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