Delaney’s Third Birthday!!!!

I cannot believe this adorable little being is now three years old.

Will someone please explain to me how this is possible?

My little brother Marshall came into town to spend the weekend with us last night. I guess we should be calling him Martian now. He arrived while CLAD was at karate lessons, so the girls were excited when they go home to see him there! They were quiet last night. Being all cute and shy around him. Things have changed significantly this morning. They are all about the Martian. He is their new best friend.

Back to DeeDeeMcGee’s birthday:
I got her the green frog Webkinz:

You would have thought I just gave her the world!! She was too cute.

But hands down, her favorite gift, and well honestly, all of our favorites was:

Doggie Doo. This game rocks. If you have our kind of personality, please, rush out and buy it for yourself. It is the most entertaining thing ever. With in moments of us opening it up and playing with it, Marshall had posted his facebook status as “I want a doggie doo for christmas!”

For Delaney’s birthday we…you guessed it…WENT TO CHOCOLATE WORLD!! Shocked aren’t you??? We had considered, for a brief moment, going somewhere else, but Marshall had never been before!!

I heart Chocolate World.

And….because our day simply wasn’t fun enough, after Avery got home from dance class we…

Went to Rocky Ridge!!!
It wasn’t as cold this year as in years past. And of course there were pictures:

(You can’t tell but there are a bunch of rainbows behind me)

I’m so thankful Marshall was able to come out and enjoy this with us!!! The girls simply adore him. Delaney is not the kind of kid to say I love you first. If you say “Delaney, I love you” she will reply “Dove you too”. When Marshall and I got out of the car she came running over to him and screamed “Martian I DOVE YOU!” and ran away!! Avery held his hand almost the entire time through Rocky Ridge. I’m so glad they love him like I do!!


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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