Christmas Shopping

I’m about 75% done with Christmas shopping. All I really have left are the handmade goodies and the pieces for that will be purchased this weekend. I’m not buying for many people, really only CLAD+J and my mom, dad and brother. Everyone else who is to get a gift will be getting baked goodies 🙂

But last night, I found myself again perusing through the Cyber Monday deals. I came across the perfect gift for someone. I smiled and started to add it to my cart. It was a tee-shirt, and I would always buy that someone a funky tee-shirt for Christmas. She loved them! Her favorites included “Your girlfriend wants me” and “Meat is Murder, tasty tasty murder”.

So, when I saw this tee-shirt I knew she must have it! And then it hit me…that someone isn’t in my life anymore. Not as my wife, not even as a friend. I wouldn’t even know where to have the shirt sent to. It hurt for a moment or two, and I honestly considered purchasing it and having it sent to her parents house for them to pass along. It further hit me that I don’t even know if she is the type of person that likes tee-shirts anymore. Or if her new girlfriend would allow her to wear it.

So, I went and spent the $10 on another gift for someone more important. (Wonders if Lyz will wonder on Christmas morning which gift was purchased in lieu of the tee-shirt).

Anywho, since it is the thought that counts, here is the tee-shirt. Those that knew Jenn (the real Jenn) will know that this is so very her!!



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