Happy Halloween!!!

I really need to get back behind an actual camera. The vast majority of the pictures I have been posting lately are from Chris. If I took it, I probably took it on my phone. Moral of the story, I have no pictures of any of the adults in their Halloween Costumes, or lack thereof.

Picture-Joni as a bunny wearing a top hat. Lyz as a witch. Me as Monica from Friends with a turkey on her head. Chris as “Boring Daddy” (the name Avery gave his costume.

But…I do have pictures of my two favorite little girls!!!

If I saw this picture without knowing who it was, I would have no idea this is my Avery:

Delaney was so excited about Halloween this year!! She flitted around the house for an hour before Trick-or-Treat just squealing with excitement!! Then she got sucked into MonkeyQuest…

(she wasn’t thrilled I interrupted her game, or maybe that is her ‘cheese’ face!!)

My two favorite little girls in the whole wide world:

Hope everyone had a totally wonderful Halloween!!!

(and yes, I am hoping to fulfill NABLOPOMO or however the heck it is spelled)


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