Catching Up: Avery’s Birthday Part Two

So Saturday was Avery’s actual 6th Birthday!!! Lyz had planned an awesome party at a local pumpkin patch/hayride place. Did you happen to see what happened on Saturday here in the NorthEast??

Does this give you a hint?

Needless to say the party was rescheduled. But that is okay because we had a blast just the same!!!

We went out in the morning and laughed at the silly weather man for getting it wrong. A little dusting is no big deal:

We went back inside and played for a bit, did some crafts and then wanted to go back outside again, it seemed maybe the weather was a little closer to what Mr. Weather Man was preaching:

Back inside for hot cocoa, lunch, and PRESENT UNWRAPPING!!!!
What?? I wasn’t unwrapping Yaya’s presents. You can’t prove it.

The Holy Grail of the 6 year old bday present list…

Yup, a Justin Bieber doll…with life like hair.

Then back outside because, well, fine. Maybe the weather man was actually right on in his assesment.

And back inside for some craft projects:

And to warm up by the fire:


All in all, even with the disappointment of not being able to have her party on her actual birthday, I would say turning six was awesome for Avery!!


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