My Virgin Trip to OCMD

(I cannot tell you how many people were excited by the fact that I was an Ocean City, Maryland virgin.)

Ladies and Gentleman. I don’t even know where to begin to tell you about this trip. I’m still so excited by it that my fingers are typing to fast and I’ve already had to fix about ten words because my fingers typed the letters in the wrong order.

I had so much fun. Good honest happy fun. Not “I’m going to plaster a smile on my face and pretend that I’m enjoying myself as much as everyone around me” fun. Real fun. Real fun where I didn’t have every single moment that hurtful thought in the back of my head. In fact, there were several times throughout the weekend where I was thankful that she is gone. If she would have been there, I wouldn’t have been having as much fun!!

I will tell you one of the favorite parts of this trip. I felt really good about myself. There was this guy, Jason, who started hitting on me. I explained he was wasting his time as we both were looking for the same thing, but he wouldn’t give up. I felt like I had become his holy grail. It made me smile so much from the inside out. He was so flirty it made me laugh. Right down to “Feel my arm muscles, aren’t they big?” His friends were funny too. Then later in the evening (two bars later as a matter of fact) I ran into his friends again. I must say it is a huge ego boost to walk into a bar and be welcomed with cheers of “Hey!!! Its our lesbian!!!!!!!!” (a ego boost and a total mood killer to someone as shy as me! I ran to the other end of the bar to hide!)

I loved hanging out with Lyz and Chris and Joni. At one point Lyz and I were literally hanging out:

I got in that swing people. I fit in that swing. I didn’t feel like a horrible fat cow making a total fool out of myself. I just hopped in. Now, I didn’t look as good as Lyz and the other softball wives, but I didn’t look like a cow either!!! I was even able to get in and out of the chair with some grace. I loved my weekend. I loved having the kind of fun I used to have before I moved to Pennsylvania. I loved the freedom of it.

View from the swing:

I’m feeling more at peace every day.


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