Witchy has been up to no good.

Lots of pictures!!!

Witchy was found hanging from the curtain rod with a marker in her hand:

What on Earth was she doing with a marker??? Oh No!!!

(Don’t worry, it was a dry erase marker. We woke up the next morning with no evidence of the previous day’s fun!)

Witchy hung out on the family clock and left the girls a gift of coffin goo:

Have no fear, Witchy was not missing for a week, she was just hiding in different places that weren’t as fun as the ones I’m actually sharing.

We found Witchy hanging from the Kitchen light…holding a spider??

Ahhh…I see the mess she made now!

(Not a great picture of the confetti mess, but Delaney had decided in her engineers mind that all of the confetti needed to be separated and properly organized.)

Witchy had a very busy week, she she built herself a hammock and slept all day long

Witchy had some big fun while we were all sleeping. She now has a facebook page (You can be her friend if you want, click HERE ). She posted her status the night before as “Planning something super fun tonight!! Ho Ho Ho, I mean, Ha Ha Ha” and when we woke up in the morning we found this:

ANd look who was on top!

Avery “yelled” at Witchy, reminding her that she is a Halloween Witch, not McGee the Christmas Elf!!

We came downstairs this morning to see Witchy on top of a painting with an almost empty roll of toilet paper on her broom…uh oh:

And then we saw Baam (who is spending some time at CLAD’s while she recovers from a small surgery)

Witchy, Witchy, Witchy, what ARE we going to do with you???


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