A Witchy Update

picture unavailable
Witchy came and brought a plastic kitty-kat that poops jelly beans


The Halloween decorations have made their appearance at the CLAD house, so Witchy decided to hang out with them for the day!


Witchy brought gummy body part sushi for the girls to try. Delaney carried the sushi around with her all day, handing people eyes or fingers or brains. None of this sushi was eaten because by the time we had eaten dinner, all of the gummy sushi was quite fuzzy and dirty from being played with all day!


Witchy decided to combine a trick with a treat today. She took two of Avery and Delaney’s Barbie dolls and bound them up with Glow-In-The-Dark bracelets!! Avery was not happy. She yelled at Witchy telling her never to do it again. Totally cracked me up!!

Witchy is wayyyyy too much fun!!


2 thoughts on “A Witchy Update

  1. I haven’t commented in ages but just had to tell you I LOVE this Witchy idea! TOO fun! I can’t wait til Gracie’s big enough to do it with her! Love the sneak peaks I get to see on Flickr :o) I wont give away the next ones but I love them! You’re an awesome aunt!

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