My New Friend, Witchy

So, do you know all about McGee??  Avery and Delaney’s Elf on a Shelf??  For those who don’t understand Elf on a Shelf, here is a quick explanation from their website:

“Each night, after the family goes to bed, the scout elf uses his magical Christmas powers to fly back to the North Pole. Once there, the elf will make his or her daily report to Santa and visit with elf friends where they will tell stories about their beloved families, play with the reindeer, and of course, sneak some of Mrs. Claus’ cookies!

Before the family awakes each morning, their special scout elf will fly back to their home from the North Pole. However, since these elves like to play games, don’t expect to find them in the same spot!  While some like to hide in the freezer (probably because it reminds them of the North Pole) and others prefer to sit on the fireplace mantle or hang from the chandelier, these elves love to play hide-and-seek with their families.”

Now, in my house growing up, we had this elf’s twin, but he wasn’t on a shelf.  He was climbing a ladder that was leaned up against the Christmas tree hanging ornaments.  But Avery and Delaney have the real deal and it has always been so fun to hear of MaGee’s antics.

One day, Avery, Delaney, Baam and I were shopping and there was a witch…it looked like MaGee, but was dressed as a witch (obviously).  I had to have it.  Avery and I “filled out an application” online to see if this witch could come live with us.  This was MONTHS ago.  We (Avery and I) reffered to the witch as MaGee’s cousin.  On September 30, Avery looked at me and said “Tomorrow is the first of October, I wonder if Mag…nevermind”

I was so excited she remembered.

So…here are Witchy’s antics for the first few days:

October 1, 2011

The letter explains that she will be staying with us for the month of October, that she is MaGee’s cousin, needs a fun name and reminds the girls that they can’t touch her, or she might lose her magic. Avery, Delaney and I came downstairs and were downstairs for about 20 minutes before the girls noticed. Then there was squealing, yelling, cheering and clapping.

Every time they saw someone new at the auction they would start talking about their new friend the witch. Poor Witchy has been through at least 30 names. I liked Willamina the best, but it was voted down.

October 2, 2011

It seems Witchy was going for a fly around the living room when the girls came downstairs so she had to stop so no one would catch her. She got stuck hanging from the fireplace mantel all day. She left Avery and Delaney each a set of glow in the dark fangs.

October 3, 2011
The night before I was talking to Avery and I mentioned that Witchy might not always bring treats. After all, Halloween is about tricks and treats. Witchy did not disappoint us. We woke up to this in the morning:

That is the door to the playroom!!! Delaney wouldn’t go near it. She made Avery test it out to see if they could climb through and still get to all of their toys!!
It looked like Witchy enjoyed the fun, she was watching from the top of the kitchen cabinets:

I was not home last night, and will not be home tonight (K had surgery this morning, nothing major, all is well), so I put together a list of directions for Lyz to be in charge of Witchy’s movements for the next two evenings. I have a bag of goodies in my trunk and it is so much fun to go through everything each night and decide what to do next!!!


8 thoughts on “My New Friend, Witchy

  1. Awesome! What a great idea. I wish my son was young enough we could do this, but I think it might take some persuasion to get my partner to comply. (She was raised with the idea that Halloween is evil and I still have not disabused her of the idea entirely. Although, she is getting so much better.) I hope you have a great time with Witchy and the kids!

  2. Holy freakin cow!!! I’m sorry. I didn’t think the actual YouTube would appear. Really-I apologize.

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