Two more notes about my birthday…

Well, a note and a confession.

Note-Every time Lyz called to check on the girls, Avery and Delaney would take the phone and ask to talk to me so they could sing me Happy Birthday. Totally made my day so much awesomer.

Confession-You read all of the wonderful things that Lyz and I got to do for my birthday. Do you want to know what my favorite part of the entire day was?? Something that will seem so simple to most people. In the kitchen, hanging on all of the upper cupboards was “Happy Birthday Na”. I made it. I am officially a part of this family. For everyone’s birthday or Mother’s day or Father’s day or Anniversary, hanging on the cupboards is a piece of paper for each letter, wishing the important person(s) their wish.

I made it. The cupboards wished me a Happy Birthday. I am a part of CLAD.


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