This has gotta be the good life

So, if you knew me last year, you would know that I was scared to go anywhere alone. I was not a fan. I didn’t have the “balls” to go places, even with people I know (unless it was my pod).

Last night…I drove to a bar(s) by myself. Now, yes, Lyz and Chris were there waiting for me, but I still got myself out the front door and in the car and drove there all by myself. It felt amazing. I think the fact that I felt like I looked amazing helped. I wore my cute little denim skirt (which I had to hike up a few times) and a new t-shirt (It said Blue 42). I had my hair all cute, I did my makeup and I felt wonderful!!

So I met Lyz and Chris at Bar-A. We had a couple of drinks and I met a few of their friends. Then Lyz and I hopped down off our barstools and headed two doors down to Bar-B where TattooJen was having her “Bachelor Party”. I have it in quotes because it can’t really be a bachelor party if the fiance is there (in my opinion). We were barely through the door and were handed jello shots and introduced to the fiance, CJ (Hi CJ!). It made me giggle because the way TattooJen introduced me was to say “this is the girl with the blog”. Guess Pug was right…the whole world really does read the blog!!

We caught up (I really need to start hanging out with TattooJen more, she is a great person, instead of only getting to chat with her when I am getting a tattoo–or a piercing *coming soon to a Heidi near you*) We hung out for about an hour and then made our way back to Bar-A (after chatting with a cool guy for a bit on the street).

Thankfully, Bar-A and Bar-B are on the same block, with maybe 2 buildings and a parking lot between them. We hopped back up on our barstools and watched some football, drank a little, Chris and I shared several dirty conversations while ignoring Lyz’s pleas to include her in the conversation, I watched a strange dude stare at Lyz’s and my cleavage for a bit, listened to some really um interesting karaoke, drank a bit, even danced a little (what can I say, I can’t turn down a reason to shake them). Then it was time to head back over to Bar-B to say congrats and good luck one more time.

I promised TattooJen I would buy her a drink…she choose a sweaty Mexican. I was a little frightened by the word sweaty being in the drink, it brought up memories of a gorilla sweat I once had back in Chris’s bouncing days, um, gag. But, this shot was really good! I mean, any shot that is ended with a pickle chaser can’t be bad right?

When we said goodby, TattooJen gave me two very awesome hugs. Should you ever need a tattoo, she is your girl. Should you ever need a hug, she will fit that roll perfectly wonderfully also!

Back to Bar-A and ONE last drink. Or, maybe two last drinks. Not sure. We paid our bills and headed home.

I had a blast. It makes me want to go out more when I have fun like that!!

Congrats to Jen and CJ!!!! Wishing you a lifetime filled with happiness, love, and health. <3<3<3


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