I had a _____ day again…

Every night when I climb into bed I decide if I had a good day or a bad day. Last night I was torn. I finally decided it was a really good day.

When I got home from work Avery and I were talking and Chris said “Go change if you are coming with us.” Well, where are we going? Chili’s and Target. So I changed, printed coupons, and off we went. When I climbed into the truck Avery was head-banging to Someone Like You by Adele. It cracked me up!! We heard it again on the way home and Delaney was singing it too, they are the best little girls in the world!!

When we got to Chili’s I threw a pity party in my head because I had a coupon for a two for $35 deal. Just me doesn’t make that worth it. Oh-well, at least Lyz and Chris were able to use it! Then I had a coupon for a brownie sundae…thankfully Delaney was more than happy to share that with me.

Then we went over to Target. I found my Halloween costume, it only cost $2.50 and had Lyz and I in tears of laughter, and had lots of other shoppers staring at me like I was insane. (Guess you will just have to wait until Halloween to see what it is, but I will just say it has something to do with Friends.)

With Martha being next week, and two paragraphs of what to wear and what not to wear, Lyz and I decided to look at shirts. We are both losing weight (I really need to get a picture of Lyz on here so you all can ohhh and awwwee with me, she looks freaking amazing!!) so we were both excited to buy shirts smaller than we used to! It really does make shopping so much more fun!

We then headed over to the Halloween department (No, my costume didn’t come out of the Halloween department!) and looked around. This is where my night started to go downhill a little. Jenn loved (loves?) the Target Halloween section. They have the best gravestones. Every year I would have to talk her into buying one. Every year she would have a hard time choosing between two. Every year I would go back the next day and buy her the one she didn’t choose. So I got a little sad, but I managed to swallow it all back, Halloween cannot be my downfall. In fact, Lyz and I even made plans to go to Target after Halloween for some discounted shopping. I lost all Halloween decorations in the divorce. I regret that move as there are several that I would really like to have back. (The Skelemingos are in my custody, fear not.)

When we got home, the girls went to bed and Lyz and I were chatting. I had a bit of a breakdown. Lyz made a statement that was very eye opening to me, it gave me a lot to think about.

But all in all I think I had a pretty darn good day. I didn’t fake my smile. There was no plaster facade. When I started to melt down I talked about it instead of running and hiding or keeping it all inside to fester.

See, I don’t need her. I have who I need. Four very important people who keep me going. Who keep me alive. They are worth more than all of the oxygen in the world to me!!

(Do you know the song?)


2 thoughts on “I had a _____ day again…

  1. You know, I’ve always figured the biggest sign of progress on my part is when I can melt down just a bit, and then after that, get on with my day.

    It’s not that the sad stuff doesn’t happen, it’s that I can overcome.

  2. Good thought there Mrs. Spit! I agree. You are human Heidi. My sister told me a chinese proverb…fall down 7 times get up 8! Good job,

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